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How to connect your Gmail account to Customer Contact?

Saskia Beukeveld
Saskia Beukeveld
Updated 10 months ago

To enable other systems to read your Gmail mailbox, need to add those permissions to your mail box in your Gmail account. Please take the following verification steps to connect

Step 1 - Login to your Google account 

Step 2 – Go to your account settings >> Manage your Google Account

set up gmail account Customer Contact

Step 3 – Select the Security area

setup gmail account2

Step 4 – Signing in to Google, select 2-Step Verification and turn this on

In this verification step Google double confirms that you are indeed an owner on the account and can make changes as radical as migrating inboxes to other systems. Make sure you have a (mobile) phone on hand, of someone who can also be reached (by Google) in case of security issues. This verification is done in 4 well explained steps.

setup gmail account3

Step 5 – completed 2-step verification

Now you have completed 2-Step verification process. That status changed to “ON”. Additionally a new element has been made available, called App Passwords.

setup gmail account4


Step 6 – add App – password

Going through this process you will create a unique password, allowing apps to connect. You need to enter this password in Customer Contact and it allows to connect the two applications (your Gmail account and Customer Contact). This password cannot be used by another or application, and has a short life time.

Step 7 – select the app and device

When you click on App-Passwords you will see all the app passwords already associated with this mail account. If this is the first time you won't see any app passwords.

In the select app dropdown box and choose: 'Other (Custom name)'

setup gmail account5

Enter an appropriate name that indicates this account is used for CM CustomerContact.

e.g. {YourCompany}_CM_CustomerContact

Step 8 - GENERATE button

Click the Generate button once you have entered a name you recognize in your Gmail account, as name to which you are connecting to. Now you will receive a Password. You will not be able to recall this password once the dialog has been closed! Copy the password and store it somewhere TEMPORARY and safe. This is the password you should use in Customer Contact on the email-channel.

Step 9 – enter account details and password in Customer Contact

set up gmail account6

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