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How can I manage my consents?
Updated 11 months ago

If you want to ask your visitors to agree to your general terms and conditions, privacy policy or other (legal) agreements, you create consents. Consents will be shown during the purchase process.

A distinction is made between mandatory consents and optional consents. Mandatory consents are used for agreements that have to be accepted by your visitors. You can use optional consents to have your visitors sign up for a newsletter, for example.


Manage consents

To manage consents navigate to the Seated Ticketing dashboard. Under the 'Settings' menu on the left you will find the 'Consents' page.



On this page you can manage the consents. Here it is possible to add new consents, and to modify or remove existing consents.

To add or edit a consent, click on 'Add new consent' at the bottom of the page or click on the consent you wish to change. In the window that opens, you will find two pages: 'Settings' and 'Conditions'. Under Settings, enter the text and indicate whether the consent is mandatory. You can also add a link to a website or file here. This link will be displayed in your ticket shop next to the consent.

You can set the conditions under which the consent will be shown to your visitors. For example, it is possible to show a certain consent only when your visitor buys tickets for a certain event. If you do not set any conditions, the consent will always be shown in your shop.


Good to know

- The consent of CM Tickets is required and cannot be removed.

- The removal of consents is only visual. When a visitor has given consent, this will be retained.

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