Help Account How can I manage users?

How can I manage users?
Updated 11 months ago

The user management feature allows you to add / delete users and change their roles on your platform account.

Adding users in your account

  • Go to settings

  • Select user
user management

  • Add a user with the following button
add users

  • Choose the role
choose user type

Note: what is the difference between the roles?

Platform owner: is allowed to do everything within an organisation

Administrator: is allowed to everything within a specific account

User: is allowed to work within a specific account

  • Fill in the email address
  • Click on invite
adding user

The invitee will receive the following invitation:

invitation user

  • Click on accept the invitation

  • Click on join now
  • Fill in your personal details or if you already have an existing account login with your credentials

Changing user roles in your account

Only the platform owner and administrator are allowed to change the roles of the users.

  • Go to settings
  • Click on users
  • Click on the 3 dots next to the user
add users2
  • Click on edit

  • Adjust the role and click on update
edit user

  • The user role has been updated

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