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Seated Ticketing: Relations
Updated 11 months ago


Within the Seated Ticketing environment, there is a "Relationships module" where you can register and manage all your visitor data. You can find this module by navigating to the Seated Ticketing dashboard and selecting the Relationships heading in the menu (left).



In the relations menu you can find all your visitor data. You can filter here by clicking on the filter icon in the top right corner to create your selection. For example, you can select all relations who have purchased a season ticket, and have a certain tag within Seated Ticketing. For filters, the relations that meet all selected filter criteria will be shown.


  • When no season ticket types are checked, all relations, with or without a season ticket, will be shown. 
  • When one season ticket type is ticked, all relations who have a season ticket of this type will be shown.
  • When you check two types of season tickets, all relations who have season tickets of both types will be shown.

Furthermore, you can filter on several things, some examples are:

  • Whether or not to show archived relations;
  • Only show relationships that are on the blacklist;
  • Only show relations who have ever placed an order or placed an order in a certain period of time;
  • Show relationships who have accepted certain conditions, such as the newsletter;

Via the checkboxes on the left you can select multiple relations at the same time. This way you can easily assign a certain tag to all relations or archive and de-archive relations.


For more information about relationship tags you can read the specific article in this Seated Ticketing Help center. 


If you want to temporarily deny a relation access to your events, you can add them to the blacklist. You can do this by looking up the relation in question, and clicking on 'blacklist' at the bottom. In the menu that opens you can specify a period. This will invalidate all tickets for that period.

Relations Blacklist

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