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How do you use Extra Products in order to upsell?
Updated 10 months ago

Within Seated Ticketing you can use the Extra Products (Upsell) module to offer other products or packages in your ticket shop besides tickets. Think for example of merchandise, hotel packages or parking tickets.

 You can find this module by navigating to Settings and then clicking on the 'Extra Products' option

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Edit additional products and add variants

You can add new additional products via the '+' button. Here you can, for example, add a T-shirt as a product. In the next screen you can add multiple product types (variants) under this product. In case of a T-shirt, these can be the sizes for example. For each type (variant) the name/price/capacity and image can be set and adjusted. It is also visible per variant how many have already been sold. 

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Product Sale Plans

For each product, it is possible to set up a sales plan with which certain requirements can be set that an order or customer must meet before the product is shown in the shop. The options are:

  • Event category
  • Event
  • Ticket type
  • Subscription (season ticket)
  • Subscription type
  • Shop
  • Customer tag

If an order or customer meets one of the combinations of all set options, the product will be shown. It is also possible to set the minimum and maximum quantity per product that someone should or may buy. 

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