How can I create a campaign in GeefMobiel

Updated 1 year ago
  • Go to the GeefMobiel app and click on New Campaign to create a campaign.
  • Select a keyword by typing it in the Keyword field. The system immediately checks the availability.
  • After you've selected a keyword, you will be given the option to configure up to three different actions that will start after receiving an SMS message. At the bottom of this article these are explained further.
    • Reply with (premium) message
    • Send to email address
    • Send to Url
  • Confirm the total campaign configuration by pressing the Save this campaign button at the bottom of the page.

Reply with (premium) message.

The system will respond to a received SMS message with a pre-set SMS text. It is possible to have the recipient pay for this (let them make a donation) by selecting a tariff.

Send to email address

The system will forward the incoming message to an e-mail address that you have indicated. You can add as many e-mail addresses as you want.

Send to Url

The system will forward the incoming message to one or more URLs that are defined. You can add as many URLs as you want. Both an HTTP GET and POST method are supported.


You can request new keywords via [email protected]! You can add the reply text and the amount yourself.