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Create your own mobile friendly landing page to support your SMS campaign

14 September, 2020

QR code statistics

It is now possible to add QR codes to your page! Show the live results of your QR code on your landing pages and show your visitors how your campaign is performing.

Pages without recipients

In the past, it was necessary to send your page to recipients to receive a link of the page. From now on, it is possible to generate a link without having to send them to recipients first. When creating a page, click on ''share public link'' to generate a link.

Pages for free

From October 1st, Pages is part of the Mobile Marketing Cloud. The price of pages is included in the subscription costs of the Mobile Marketing Cloud and therefore customers no longer have to pay for the number of pages opened. This change also applies to Essentials, Business and Enterprise customers.

Pre-paid and Online customers will no longer be able to use Pages from October 1st. Contact sales or your account manager when you would like to use Pages.

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