The Complete Theater Control Solution

We understand the industry. That’s why our ticketing solutions are built to serve throughout all stages. 

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Online Ticketing for All Venue Types

We offer a ticketing solution for theaters, cinemas, stages, and more. Our experience in the cultural industry, reliable tools & technology and committed support will ensure you of a smooth journey in ticketing for both you and your guests.

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All-in-One-Ticketing Solution

A system developed for and by theaters that allows all ticketing, marketing, programming and scheduling capabilities to connect seamlessly. No more exports between. Book all shows with the integrated programming module and use the scheduling board to have continuous insight into all types of shows and daily staffing. Collect contract agreements with impresarios, artists or tenants and send financial settlements, generated by the system.

  1. Create Schedules Around Performances and Daily Staffing

  2. Go through the process from contract to settlement

  3. Get the season fully booked with our planboard

  4. Clear, so easy to adjust

Efficient, User-Friendly & Affordable

Email Campaigns

Send custom emails with our proprietary mailing tool


Digital credit usable as official means of payment

Dynamic Pricing

Pricing strategies based on data and automatic triggers

Quick Purchases

Customer-friendly, also during peak sales

24/7 Support

We are available 24/7 for both theaters and guests


Master Your Cultural Event

Be the star of your own show! Integrate the ticketshop into your own website to match your own branding or create a dedicated ordering process according to your own requirements. Always keep an overview with real-time insights into revenue, audience, live availability, and more. Use different access roles so each employee uses the same system, but only has insight into what's important to them.

  1. Add the ticketshop to your website

  2. Get the insights you need for better revenue

  3. Generate easily various data-based charts and graphs

  4. Manage access rights and roles of your employees

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Set Up Unique Experiences and Increase Your Revenue

Run a data-driven marketing strategy with easy-to-use tools without the need for technical knowledge. Build 360° profiles based on behavior and preferences to build lists based on desired criteria for data-driven mailing campaigns. Use savings and loyalty systems to offer guests discounts and encourage customers to come more often.

  1. Segment your audiences by behavior and preferences

  2. Add targeted messaging and generate more revenue

  3. Engage with your guests and offer additional benefits

  4. Set up automatic triggers for cross-selling and upselling

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The Show Continues...

Custom Ticketing Experience

Engage with your audience. Customize the complete ticket experience for your guests to your own preference and design your emails, tickets and ticketshop to match your own style.

Seated Ticketing & Floorplanner

Give your guests the freedom to reserve seats, sections and rows or use dynamic placements for social distance. Flexible reserved seating for any venue.

Streaming & Donation

Present online shows, performances, concerts and more to your audience, all behind a secure paywall. Generate revenue by collecting donations during the stream with the donation tool. 

There Is More to It

The cultural industry is constantly evolving and we move along to always offer the ticketing tools to work more efficiently. Want to know more about the possibilities? We would like to think along!

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