WhatsApp Business Solution Integration: Coosto.

Coosto is a leading platform in social media management, helping companies engage with their audiences.

Coosto: Social Media Management Software

Coosto provides social media management software that enables brands to engage with their audiences. The Coosto platform is trusted by over 1,400 brands and 10,000 professionals in marketing, communication and customer service worldwide. They are using Coosto to analyze, publish and respond to relevant social media conversations.

Coosto commits itself to offer ever better solutions that help improve brand reputation, brand awareness, customer satisfaction and content performance. Their team of 120 experts, based in Eindhoven and Alicante, is dedicated to deliver clients the best possible experience every day.

  1. All-in-One Social Media Management

    Coosto provides tools for online customer service, social analytics and content publishing, integrated in one easy to use platform.

  2. Multi-platform Support

    Engage with your audience on all major social platforms: WhatsApp, Facebook (Messenger), Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter.

  3. Designed for Collaboration

    Features such as conversation history, internal memos and the customisable team inbox ensure a smooth experience for teams working together.

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Partnership Coosto

Coosto offers one user-friendly interface to manage all online conversations with your customers. Every day, over 1400 organizations use the Coosto platform to improve their customer satisfaction, brand reputation, brand awareness and overall social media performance. Whether you want to analyze online and social media messages, reply to incoming messages, or publish new social media content: Coosto has the tools to help you. That is what we call all-in-one social media management.

& CM.com

The partnership with CM.com provides Coosto customers with a seamless integration of WhatsApp in Coosto. Customers can add the #1 messaging app worldwide to their customer service channels, while benefiting from the comprehensive features in the trusted Coosto platform.

How to Request Access?

  1. Request WhatsApp Business

  2. Install WhatsApp on Coosto

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Authorised Distributor

To communicate with your customers via WhatsApp, you need an Authorised Distributor, selected by WhatsApp. CM.com is such an Authorised Distributor. Our selected business partners also have the WhatsApp Business Solution integrated in their software, directly offering their customers access to the official WhatsApp Business solution.

Customers of Coosto can now request access to the WhatsApp Business API and gain access to all other messaging channels the CM.com platform offers.

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