WhatsApp Business Solution Integration: OBI4wan.

OBI4wan offers software tools for online customer service, chatbots, media monitoring and media insights.


OBI4wan offers award-winning solutions and services in the areas of customer engagement, chatbots, reputation management and action-oriented insights based on data and artificial intelligence. They offer both user-friendly tools and wide-ranging services such as research and data analysis, strategy development and training.

They support clients all over the globe with smart software tools for customer engagement and data-driven managing of their reputations. Their mission is to put your organisation in genuine and contact with clients, so that everyone is truly engaged.

  1. Excellent Customer Service

    Proactively respond to questions and complaints with a single integrated solution for webcare via social media, live chat, WhatsApp and Messenger.

  2. Smart Chatbot Technology

    Grow your reach and optimise your service with smart chatbots. Forget about routine work. Use your valuable time for better and faster service!

  3. Control Your Reputation

    Find relevant messages about your organisation, target group, market and competitors straight away and keep in control of your online reputation.

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Partnership OBI4wan

OBI4wan helps companies manage their current and future digital customer engagement channels like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Live Chat, Twitter DM, SMS in a single user-friendly interface. By adding the OBI4wan Chatbots (platform), you can improve efficiency even further and improve customer and employee satisfaction.

OBI4wan CM.com WhatsApp

& CM.com

The partnership with CM.com offers OBI4wan customers the possibility to implement the official WhatsApp channel. Other channels from the CM.com platform, like SMS, Apple Business chat and RCS can be integrated in the near future, resulting in an excellent all-in-one communication platform.

Authorized Distributor

To communicate with your customers via WhatsApp, you need an Authorized Distributor, selected by WhatsApp. CM.com is such an Authorized Distributor. Our selected business partners also have the WhatsApp Business Solution integrated in their software, directly offering their customers access to the official WhatsApp Business solution.

Customers of OBI4wan can now request access to the WhatsApp Business API and gain access to all other messaging channels the CM.com platform offers.

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Authorized Distributor whatsapp cm.com

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