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How Do You Benefit From Using the Zapier Plugin? is an integration platform that enables consumers and companies to make very easy Actions based on Triggers. Zapier is a service that makes it easy for you to connect two applications without the need to know code, currently with a library of over 1300 applications. is integrated at, which allows you to connect to all your business applications easily and without programming. Our Zapier plugin is made to automate customer engagement for every business.

Start integrating SMS and Voice with Zapier integrations

  1. 1

    Link Your Web Apps With a Few Clicks

    Send out reminders, notifications and alerts to clients and customers from one user-friendly platform.

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    Build Processes Faster and Get More Done

    Our online interface takes you through the process in a few easy steps without programming

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    Improve Customer Engagement

    Enhance customers and grow your business with code-free workflows that save hours per week.


Zapier CM API Plugin is integrated at, which allows you to connect to all your business applications easily and without programming.

Using triggers and actions (zaps), you can connect and automate solutions with up to 1,300 web apps. We’ve already created some of our favourite pre-made CM integrations:

  1. Send an SMS or Push message to one or multiple people

  2. Send a voice message to one or multiple people

  3. Use search to look up or validate phone numbers

What Are Plugins, Add-Ons or Extensions?

Software plugins and extensions are fast and easy options to extend the functionality of your platform. CM plugins enables you to implement our services in your own software through plug-and-play extensions. You are now able to extend your software with the versatile services of the CM platform.

How to Get Started

  1. Enter your API key

  2. Connect all services to your apps

Install One of Our Other Plugins, Add-Ons or Extensions

Use our fast, easy and affordable solutions to extend the functionality of your software without expensive and time consuming software development. Our plugins are widely used and supported by the community and selected partners.

Browse our plugins and start using our services in a few clicks.

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Getting Started With on Zapier

Zapier is a tool that helps you connect apps and automate workflows, without any complicated code. Learn more about how works with Zapier and how to get started.

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