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Case Study: CM Telecom and ACTITO


Marketing software company ACTITO’s sends about a million SMS text messages each month for its customers. For its SMS marketing messages, ACTITO approached CM Telecom that provided the company with direct and stable connections with various operators.


ACTITO seeks to work closely with clients, from developing the objectives and specifications of their marketing campaigns, to helping them make it happen and tracking the outcomes.


Connecting ACTITO to various national and international carriers in France to send millions of text messages for customers like Carrefour, L’Oreal, Deutsche Bank, KIA Motors, RTL Belgium, ABB and Pfizer. Ultimately providing ACTITO with platform connected to their marketing software for seamless mobile messaging.


CM Telecom’s mobile messaging platform combined with direct and stable connections with French operators.

Country manager of ACTITO in Paris, Marc Désenfant, explains ACTITO's activities: “We are a software company and run marketing software that enables brands and their agencies to operate marketing channels. We provide a whole range of marketing functionalities through – for instance – direct marketing, multichannel, CRM, and SMS. We do this for a wide range of clients and customers.”

Delivery guarantee

For its SMS marketing messages, ACTITO approached CM Telecom. Mr. Désenfant: “The challenge was connecting to various telecom operators to send out SMS messages with delivery guarantee as these are business critical communications. CM provides us with direct routes to various telco’s and stable, fast routes for critical messages. We are provided with direct routes and connections that allow us to carry out important communications for our clients.”

Close relationship

ACTITOは毎月約百万のSMSテキストメッセージを顧客に送信しています。このような数字には、安定したプラットフォーム、優れたサービス、競争力のある価格が求められます。デセンファン氏「しかし、予算上の理由だけでなく、私たちはCMを選択しました。彼らがベルギーとフランスの国々に人を抱えているという事実と、彼らが提供するサービスのレベルは、ACTITOとCM Telecomの間の良好な関係につながっています。」

Jeremy Delrue、CMのカントリーマネージャーフランスのテレコム:「ACTITOと協力し、強く良好な関係を築き、ビジネスを成長させるために必要なものを提供できることを誇りに思います.CM Telecomがサービスを成功裏に導入したことは素晴らしいことです。フランスと地域の支援をもたらすでしょう。

Not only budget reasons made us choose for CM. The fact that they have people in our countries Belgium and France, as well as the level of service they provide have lead to a good and close relationship between ACTITO and CM Telecom.

Marc Désenfant

Managing Director

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Mobile Messaging
Customer Highlights:
  • Stable messaging platform for mobile marketing & CRM communications
  • Direct operator connections to securely send mobile message with high delivery rates


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