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Case Study: CM Telecom and Parkmobile

About Parkmobile

Parkmobile specialises in electronic and digital parking solutions. Parkmobile is the only supplier to offer totally integrated solutions for management of all parking related issues.

The solutions provided by Parkmobile are tried and tested and used throughout the world in more than 500 cities.

Customers rely on Parkmobile if they don’t have any loose change or want a reminder when their parking time is running out and they need to top up. Parkmobile offers a convenient way to park, no more trudging through the wind and rain to find a Pay and Display machine.


To provide users of the Parkmobile service an extremely reliable SMS service to receive reminders and options to extend parking sessions.

Solution: CM Telecom’s platform for SMS and mobile payments

For the reminder services Parkmobile is connected to CM Telecoms' SMS Gateway to make sure people receive the Parkmobile SMS reminders on time. “Our service is about trust and guarantee”, Parkmobile’s commercial manager Tomas Novak says. “Our customers want to know when their parking time is running out so they can go to their car and leave or top up.”

Fast delivery of the SMS reminder is critical, as parking time that is paid for could be running out and getting a parking fine becomes a possibility. Novak believes in the urgent character SMS gives to a message. It has also launched an extra SMS payments service when boat owners pay for mooring their boats.

CM’s SMS Gateway sends messages safely, quickly and with laser focus worldwide - via a simple API that is easy and user friendly.

For a growing company, being able to scale is crucial. “We’re still a fast growing company”, Novak says. “CM Telecom's services and liability give us the opportunity to scale when we want and need to.”


Tomas Novak

Commercial manager

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Customer highlights:
  • Delivery rates and times are monitored very closely so all users receive their messages instantly.
  • Using the real-time logging tool, ParkMobile is able to answer customer questions immediately.


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