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Randstad quickly and reliably sends text messages to job seekers about new jobs via the platform of CM.

Case Study: CM.com and Randstad

About Randstad

Employment agency Randstad specializes in flexible work. It is Belgium's largest HR and recruitment professional and mediates monthly among thousands of employers and job seekers.

Randstad, which belongs to the same group as Tempo-Team, Tempo-Team Professionals, Randstad Professionals and Galileo, employs over 2000 people.

After its foundation in the Netherlands, the company started in 1965 in Belgium.



Notify job seekers within Randstads database of new and available jobs as fast as possible.

Solution: CM's platform for SMS.

Through a private dashboard, Randstad sends text messages via the platform of CM in order to make job seekers aware of available functions and work.

Randstad sends hundreds of thousands of text messages per month to job seekers informing them about new jobs on the Belgian market.

SMS as a commodity

「CM TelecomによるSMSにより、多くの人々に非常に迅速に対応できます」とDe Bolle氏。 「Randstadの場合、SMSメッセージを送信することは不可欠になりました。その結果CM Telecomsサービスを使用して、メッセージを迅速かつ確実に送信する必要がありました。」 De Bolle氏は、メッセージングシステムがRandstadのオペレーションの重要かつ不可欠な部分であると認識していますが、彼と彼のチームは、メッセージングシステムがきちんと機能しているかどうかについて懸念していません。 「SMSを送ることができなければ私たちのビジネスが大きく妨害されるだろうが、我々はCMの商品に慣れており、信頼でき、ダウンタイムはほとんどないので実際に心配することはありません。」

Efficiency & Ubiquitousness

Randstad is not only convinced of the power of the SMS platform of CM. "Even the people for whom we intercede are accustomed to receiving SMS. They know that we inform them on job openings via SMS. There are good relationships with our consultants to whom they call back for more information. Previously, it merely went via phone calls. SMS via CM has eliminated this labor-intensive process", said De Bolle. "SMS via CM is an important asset."


Luc de Bolle

IT Manager

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Mobile Messaging
Customer highlights
  • Saves money through eliminating call center
  • Uptime is almost 100% and people are accustomed to receiving SMS


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