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Email campaigns

Share your message and promos through our fully featured email marketing service. Upload the addresses, design email and send personalised campaigns.


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How can you benefit from Email Campaigns

Email is one of the best channels to share news, loyalty programs and promotional offers. Now, enjoy an easy-to-use, fully featured and powerful email marketing service to help you interact with your audience without the need of developers.

With Email Campaigns you can create your campaign in a few clicks. By using CM's Address Book you only need one app to send your message through multiple channels (e.g. Email and SMS) and really make the most of your email list and creativity. Upload your email addresses into the address book, design your template and send personalised campaigns. Review your campaign results with the built-in analytics.

    Simple database management via the address book and a drag-and-drop tool to help you design your email template.
    Send each recipient a personalised email to maximise the conversion and customer engagement.
    Email Campaigns helps you understand your customers thanks to powerful built-in analytics and detailed export functionalities.

Email Campaigns key features

Easy-to-use templates

By default, our email marketing service provides 3 ready-to-use templates. But you can create more for yourself and others to use. Your creativity is the limit.

In-depth analytics

Looking for proper analytics? Email Campaigns has it all: from general CTR to in-depth recipient action reports on your call-to-action.

Schedule your campaigns

Want to set-up your campaign and schedule the delivery? You can, with Email Campaigns. Easily schedule your campaigns and send on the most effective time.

Clear user management

Select an admin of the account, enable access to selected users and create sub-accounts. This way, you can have several team members creating campaigns.

User friendly interface

Our UX experts made sure creating your own email campaign is easy as it can be. Not sure about your set-up? You can always send a test campaign.

Email campaigns pricing

CM's email marketing solution is available in the Essentials, Business and Enterprise plan. These give you access to the whole CM platform, including other marketing campaign apps like SMS Campaigns.

Price plans in details

月額料金€ 99€ 299€ 499
Price (per 1000)€ 1.50€ 1.25€ 1.00
* Price for Email Campaigns is per 1000 emails

Sending wholesale volumes?


  1. Create an account and import your database

  2. Start sending email campaigns to your target audience



Do you have the phone numbers of your customers in your database as well? Use our SMS Campaigns App to send out SMS marketing campaigns to boost your customer engagement with SMS campaigns.

今すぐ登録してオンラインからSMS送信Email campaignsする


Email campaigns インストール中

Email campaigns はインストールされました