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Slot Filling

Slot filling is a concept that allows customers to capture end-user input and store it in a conversation variable to accommodate use cases related to personalization, integrations, and content management best practices.

Slot filling will allow you to:

  • Easily determine the context of a conversation based on what the end-user said, regardless of when they’ve said it

  • Easily store information gathered throughout the conversation to drive integrations with third-party systems

  • Have an organic conversation with your end-users, e.g. if they’ve already provided their e-mail address, and you’ve captured it through a regular expression entity, there’s no need to ask for it again.

  • Do it all from content, through the Conversational AI Cloud CMS, without requiring a developer or technical knowledge.

Slot filling can be achieved through entities and transactional dialogs.

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Slot Filling

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