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Professional mail solution for single letters and bulk mail. We take care of the entire process, from printing to posting.

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Even in times of modern, digital communication, it is sometimes necessary to send information by letter. This can be invoices and reminders, or invitations and product information. Our app and API are suitable for sending a single letter, but also to send in bulk.

Postal service

What Is the Advantage of Sending via

Save yourself the trouble of printing and enveloping your letters. We take care of the entire process for you, from printing to delivery to the mail carrier. Share the documents via our platform or via API. We offer delivery via our online platform or direct http call. Looking for international dispatch or dispatch by registered mail? Of course that's possible as well. CM letters is 100% whitelabel, so all mail is sent without identification to 

International post

Reliable and Timely Distribution

To guarantee data protection, we produce your shipments on modern, encapsulated digital printing machines. Documents received before 5 PM are handed over to the mail carrier that same day.


Price +VAT

Production and postage costs Letter national and international Germany special
Production and postage costs Letter national and international Germany special

Paper and Print

1 and 2 pages

0.35 €

0.35 €

each additional page

0.09 €

0.09 €

Colour printing p. page

0.25 €

0.25 €


1–2 pages or 1–4 pages / Duplex

1.10 €

0.80 €

3–8 pages or 5–16 pages/Duplex

1.70 €

0.95 €

9–50 pages or 17–99 pages/Duplex

3.70 €

1.55 €

Costs of additional services

Track and Trace(add. costs 0.25)


2.20 €

Reg. Letter.(add. costs 0.45€)

3.50 €

2.50 €

Reg. Letter w. receipe(add. cost 1.50€)


5.50 €


zzgl. 0.10 € (Handling fee)


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