Superior Mobile Customer Experience Within Leisure.

Gain more loyal guests and increase customer happiness

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Engage and Excite Your Guests Through Mobile

It’s about delivering the best customer experience, especially with leisure.

Start engaging and exciting your guests exceed your guests expectations. Superior customer experience is essential for happy and loyal customers. An imperative for your successful leisure.

Share behind the scenes content, involve your guests in an interactive story or send sneak peaks of the experiences. Endless possibilities to engage and excite your customers.

The Mobile Service Cloud enables you to have valuable conversations and provide the best customer experience.

  1. Include All Messaging Channels

    Start the conversations on the channel your customers prefer. You add messaging channels like WhatsApp Business, Appel Business Chat, Viber, Twitter, Facebook Messenger and WeChat.

  2. Manage Conversations From One Dashboard

    All conversations can be managed from one single easy to use dashboard. Customer Contact enables you to provide the best customer experience and manage conversations the most efficient way.

  3. Increase Efficiency With Chatbot

    Make your customer care department even more efficient and scalable with the advanced Chatbot. The Chatbot helps you to increase productivity and gain more happy customers. 

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Customer Contact in Leisure

The Imperative of Mobile Experience in Leisure

Interactive maps, schedules, online ordering, bookings, and show previews. These are just a few examples of how leisure has moved to a mobile experience over the last couple of years. Guests have embraced mobile as their preferred way of communication.

As a leisure business you should start the conversations and provide the best experience through mobile. The valued and most effective way to reach and engage your audience.

The Mobile Service Cloud enables you to provide accurate support and most of all deliver superior experience. Gaining more happy and returning guests. 

Customer care

The Easiest Way to Start the Conversation

Your guests are not just willing, but actually eager to receive proactive communication as long as it is tailored to their situation.

Use messaging channels like WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, Viber, Telegram, Facebook Messenger and Twitter  to communicate with your audience. With Customer Contact you easily manage all your conversations from one dashboard.

With Customer Contact the high quality of your conversations will remain, regardless messaging channel. Increase efficiency and productivity with the Chatbot and boost customer satisfaction.

Start the conversation by scanning the QR code.

Customer Care

New Opportunities for Leisure

For a long time, the leisure sector has been booming, with consumers spending more, and guests coming from larger areas. With the COVID-19 outbreak, leisure took a heavy blow. Besides missed revenue in 2020, the future of these companies will require proactively informing and engaging guests.

With the Mobile Service Cloud you have the right messaging channels and technique available for these challenging times. We empower you to be unique and drive great experience for your audience.

The Mobile Service Cloud

Exceed Your Customers Expectations With a Superior Experience

One solution for your messaging channels, using intuitive customer support software, combined into one inbox for all conversations. Start with Customer Contact, and expand from there.

SMS, WhatsApp, RCS, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Telegram, Apple Business Chat. What channels will you select?

New to chat bots? We're here to help you build, improve, and maintain your bot.

Build Your Mobile Service Cloud

  1. Add features like a bot and payments

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