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With Mobile Service Cloud you offer the perfect shopping experience - anytime, anywhere. Service like you expect in a store.

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Communicate with consumers in the way they prefer. Via every channel, via every device. At the moment that suits them.


Help your customers in the most efficient way from one convenient Omnichannel Inbox. Respond quickly, collaborate easily.


Integrate with your current eCommerce platform and tech stack for personalized, data-driven communications.


Sell more by proactively helping and informing your customers. Offer payment options within the conversation.

eCommerce Customer Service Success [Including Checklist]

eCommerce Customer Service Success

7 Tips to Improve Your Customer Service

With eCommerce rising across the globe, consumers have more choices than ever before. Whether you're getting started with eCommerce or integrating the next big delivery or payment method, this guide will help you provide an excellent customer experience.

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Stand Out Online With Personal Service

Consumers expect a lot from online shops. Think about the personal service in stores. You can just ask if there is another size, or where you can find the home accessories. Maybe the retailer even remembers what you liked last time. Surprise with the same shopping experience online.

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Always and Everywhere Available

When your customers have a question, they want to ask it straight away. At that moment, at that place, via their preferred channel. The modern consumer is impatient. Are you not reachable? Irritation increases or they go to your competitor. With Mobile Service Cloud you are always available on the channels where your customer is. With a chatbot, you can even be contacted 24/7.

  1. All channels: from phone and email to Live Chat and WhatsApp.

  2. Automate conversations with a chatbot.

  3. Leave no question unanswered.

More About Chatbots

Efficient for your business and your customers

Customer service raises several operational challenges. You might feel overwhelmed by the number of communication channels and systems. Add the increasing number of contact moments. How to handle this efficiently? With Mobile Service Cloud you have all your conversations in one Omnichannel Inbox. Within the same conversation, you can easily collaborate with colleagues, suppliers, and couriers.

  1. All conversations from all channels in one Omnichannel Inbox

  2. Always the right person thanks to skills-based routing

  3. Collaborate with internal and external teams within one view

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Integrate Easily

Communicate in a relevant and personal way to properly guide your customer through their Customer Journey. Integrate Mobile Service Cloud with your current infrastructure, to connect all the data. Know who you are talking to and what their needs are. Combine with your marketing software for the best customer experience.

  1. Integrate with your eCommerce platform: Magento, Shopify and more

  2. Connect all your data sources and software: ERP & CRM

  3. Create a 360° customer profile for personalized communications

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For More Sales

Good service contributes to sales. Guide your visitors during their customer journey to a purchase with fast, good service in a consistent and personalized way. Surprise your customers with proactive messages based on shopping behavior. By offering payment options in the conversation, you make it even easier.

  1. Help visitors with proactive messaging & co-browsing

  2. Integrate payment options such as CM Payments

  3. Use data & reporting to improve performance

Successful eCommerce Clients

The Perfect Shopping Experience - Also Online

Increase customer satisfaction

Customers expect to be served well and quickly. By meeting these expectations, you increase customer satisfaction.

Improve efficiency & productivity

The omnichannel inbox increases productivity. The focus on the customer ensures quick responses, while collaboration becomes easier.

Get a first impression of Mobile Service Cloud in the demo video.

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Customer Service as Competitive Advantage in eCommerce

E-commerce customer service is different from any other customer service. Trying to meet customer expectations and answer all questions, while also selling your products. Mobile Service Cloud helps you manage all calls efficiently, with a focus on sales. It's easy for you and your customer.

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