World Premiere: Conversational Commerce is here.

Dutch Grand Prix pioneers Conversational Commerce:
Ticket sales within the favorite messaging channel of the consumer.

Watch it here is the first company in the world that offers both messaging channels and payment solutions such as Apple Business Chat and Apple Pay.

Join us on Monday 24th at 10:00 AM (CET) for an exclusive preview of the power of Conversational Commerce, we'll take you through the innovative ticket sale registration of the Formula 1 Dutch Grand Prix. If you missed the premiere, the video will be available here afterwards.

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The Programme

Find out what we have in store for you during our showcase. Our experts will explain how Conversation Commerce helps your business.

Dutch Grand Prix turns chat channels into sales channels

The Formula 1 Dutch Grand Prix turns to Conversational Commerce. The Dutch Grand Prix understands exactly where their fan base is. They're on their mobiles phones, using messaging apps to stay in touch with the world.

Start the conversation on WhatsApp or Apple Business Chat and allow fans to purchase their tickets directly in the messaging channel. This seamless and intuitive process raises customer experience to the highest level.

Conversational Commerce Dutch Grand Prix

Jan Saan: "It’s a global game"

5 Billion people are on messaging. We see billions of active users on the known social and messaging channels such as Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Instagram, Snapchat etc. 

All big companies are already integrating Conversational Commerce into their strategies. They are opening up the messaging channels to communicate and do business with their customers.

Jan Saan, CTO at, will take you through the future of commerce.


Ravinder Sampat: "Go for pole position: The Showcase"

This is your chance to experience the real Conversational Commerce showcase has built around the Formula 1 Dutch Grand Prix.

It's a unique experience, combining chat channels with payments and all sorts of rich features into one frictionless customer journey.

How? Ravinder, Partner Manager at, will give a live demo!

Go for pole position

Remco Magielse: "Be where your customers are"

The world is changing. In starting with Conversational Commerce, the first decision to make is which channel to activate. You want to be where your customers are. That will make it easy for your customers to choose your company over others. 

For our showcase of the Formula 1 Dutch Grand Prix, we offer our Conversational Commerce solution via WhatsApp Business and Apple Business Chat. But why these channels? Remco Magielse, Senior Product Manager at, gives the answer!

Multi Channel Messaging

Colinda Leemans: "Technology can transform your business"

Let's take a moment to zoom in on the key features of a Conversational Commerce conversation. From verified accounts and product pickers, to in-channel payments, chatbots with human-handover. Talking about low-friction transactions, this is the tech behind your company's growth for the future. Colinda Leemans, Data Consultant at, will explain how these features improve customer trust and engagement.


Get started with Conversational Commerce is the first company in the world that offers both messaging channels and payment solutions. With the combination of Apple Business Chat & Apple Pay there's not need for your customers to ever leave the app.

Talk to our experts, and get access to the #techbehind Conversational Commerce!

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