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Free to use app, pay per SMSFree to use app, pay per SMSFree to use app, pay per SMSFree to use app, pay per SMS
€ 0,0800€ 0,0760
€ 0,0800
€ 0,0720
€ 0,0800
€ 0,0680
€ 0,0800
1 SMS bericht Bekijk SMS prijslijst
Customer Contact
E-mail Campagnes
Email 1000 emails € 1,80
1 email € 0,0018
1000 emails € 1,50
1 email € 0,0015
1000 emails € 1,30
1 email € 0,0013
1000 emails € 1,00
1 email € 0,001
Email verification
1000 verifications € 5,00
1 verification € 0,005
1000 verifications € 5,00
1 verification € 0,005
1000 verifications € 5,00
1 verification € 0,005
WhatsApp Business
Apple Business Chat
Minimum afname van 300 euro’s voor meer informatie contact sales
SIP Trunking
Abonnementskosten zijn niet van toepassing. Wordt aangeboden als postpaid service met minimale maandelijkse omzet van €225
Outbound prijslijst
DDI prijslijst
€ 2,50 per betalingstermijn € 1,50 per betalingstermijn € 1,25 per betalingstermijn € 1,00 per betalingstermijn
PSP (Op basis van API)
Transactie tarief€ 0,14€ 0,10€ 0,06op verzoek
iDEAL€ 0,16€ 0,15€ 0,12op verzoek
iDEAL QR€ 0,16€ 0,15€ 0,12op verzoek
Bancontact€ 0,60€ 0,55€ 0,46op verzoek
Bancontact Mobile QR€ 0,60€ 0,55€ 0,46op verzoek
VISA1,85%1,80%op verzoekop verzoek
Mastercard1,85%1,80%op verzoekop verzoek
Maestro1,85%1,80%op verzoekop verzoek
American Express2,95%2,75%op verzoekop verzoek
Banktransfer EU€ 0,45€ 0,35€ 0,26€ 0,18
Banktransfer Outside of Europe€ 0,75€ 0,65€ 0,55€ 0,45
Belfius Direct Net0,90%0,90%0,90%0,80%
KBC / CBC0,90%0,90%0,90%0,80%
ING Home Pay0,90%0,90%0,90%0,80%
ELV€ 0,27€ 0,25€ 0,21
EPS2,40 % + € 0,352,10% + € 0,232,00 % + € 0,20
Giropay2,20 % + € 0,302,00 % + € 0,301,90 % + € 0,30
SEPA Direct Debit€ 0,30€ 0,22€ 0,12
Sofort - digital goods1,95%1,80%1,70%
Sofort - physical goods1,10%0,95%0,90%
Giftcards (alleen NL)€ 0,10 + gift card kosten€ 0,06 + gift card kosten€ 0,04 + gift card kosten
Afterpayuw eigen contractuw eigen contractuw eigen contractuw eigen contract
Klarna - Pay Lateruw eigen contractuw eigen contractuw eigen contractuw eigen contract
PayPaluw eigen contractuw eigen contractuw eigen contractuw eigen contract
Overige services
Refunds€ 0,14€ 0,10€ 0,06op verzoek
Chargeback SEPA Direct Debit€ 0,19€ 0,19€ 0,19€ 0,19
Chargeback Credit cards€ 25,00€ 25,00€ 20,00€ 15,00
Fraud management module€ 0,03€ 0,03€ 0,01€ 0,00
Premium SMS
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Direct Carrier Billing
Prijzen op aanvraag
One Time Password (OTP)
€ 0,0702€ 0,0667
€ 0,0702
€ 0,0632
€ 0,0702
1 OTP bericht Bekijk OTP prijslijst
€ 0,75 per ticket (incl. iDEAL en Bancontact fees) Op aanvraag Op aanvraag Op aanvraag
Volledige identificatie
€ 0,65 € 0,55 Op aanvraag
BIN + Leeftijdsverificatie (18+)
€ 0,50 € 0,40 Op aanvraag
Inlog (BIN)
€ 0,45 € 0,35 Op aanvraag
IBAN-verificatie via iDEAL € 0,25 € 0,20 € 0,14
Nummer Verificatie
(d.m.v. HLR)
Database opschonen: € 0,011 per verzoek.
Format verificatie: € 0,0020 per verzoek.
Fraudebescherming: € 0,020 per verzoek.
€ 0 PM € 99 PM € 299 PM € 499 PM
Web interface Web interface + API Web interface + API Web interface + API
* Price per doc is € 2,00 * Price per doc is € 1,00 * Price per doc is € 0,90 * Price per doc is € 0,80
Knowledge base
Online support
Telefonisch support
24/7 support
VIP support
Per maand

€ 0,-

€ 99,-

€ 299,-

€ 499,-

Type bundelPrepaidAbonnementAbonnementAbonnement
Test gratis Contact Contact Contact

Frequently asked questions

To use the pricing overview, you first select the product and then the country. This gives you an overview of the price per unit (SMS, Email, Push, request, payment term, user, ticket, query or subscription). Subscriptions differ in price, products and prepaid/postpaid possibility. The Online subscription doesn’t contain a monthly fee. Only the Essentials, Business and Enterprise subscriptions have a monthly fee, but they also have a lower price per unit.


  • You want to do an SMS campaigns in the UK with 1,000 messages per month. Select the product SMS Campaigns and then the UK. SMS Campaigns can be used with any subscription.
  • You want to use the OTP product (One Time Password) in the USA and send 10,000 OTP’s per month. Select the product OTP and then the USA. OTP is only available in the Essentials, Business and Enterprise subscriptions.

We have 4 different subscriptions available. Over all packages, the quality of the connections used to send your transactions are identical (SMS, calls, payment & identity transactions). Only high quality connections are used to guarantee you the fastest best delivery possible. You pay a price per transaction and possibly monthly costs (depending on the chosen package).

The packages:


The only prepaid package is completely aimed at self-service. Online support is available during business hours. No monthly fee or start-up costs. You pay only for your sent messages or transactions.

Available products for this package SMS Campaigns, SMS Gateway, Send/receive apps, Mail SMS, Hybrid Messaging, Authenticator and Ticketing. Talk services (e.g. SIP Trunk) can be used as a standalone service with a monthly committed spending.


The Essentials package is a postpaid package with a monthly fee of € 99 plus cost per sms. You get a 5% discount on the SMS transaction prices. Additionally, this package gives you access to telephone support and enables you to use the following postpaid products: Customer Contact, Two-Way Messaging, Number Verifier, Email Campaigns and One Time Password.


The Business package is a postpaid package with a monthly fee of € 299 plus cost per sms. You get a 10% discount on the SMS transaction prices. Additionally, this package gives you access to 24/7/365 telephone support, a dedicated account manager and enables you to use the following postpaid products: SMS Campaigns, CM Pages, SMS Gateway, Send & Receive Apps, Email Campaigns, Number Verifier, iDIN, SMS via Email, Hybrid Messaging, Authenticator / OTP's, Voice Campaigns and SIP Trunking.


The Enterprise package is a postpaid package with a monthly fee of € 499, and a 15% discount on the transaction prices of SMS. The package gives you access to 24/7 telephone support and a dedicated support team experts. All products and security opportunities are available to you. You’ll become a member of our community.

If you want to send Bulk SMS, the cost is the monthly fee plus the cost per sms. The costs for sending an SMS message doesn’t change for the tool of your choice. The same price per message is applicable for using the SMS Campaigns, SMS Gateway, Send/Receive apps and the Mail SMS interface. We charge a fixed price per country, for all operators, which you can find here:

You will be charged for delivered and non-delivered messages. In the event of delivery failure, most of the failures are caused by the operator or recipient. Because we have already done operator termination and initial message handling, we charge for all messages submitted.

To find out the costs for sending SMS messages to other countries, you can visit this SMS pricing page with an overview of all countries covered. Or you can use the dropdown function next to the tool of your choice to send messages. Using the estimation calculator you can easily see which package is most interesting for you.

One of the packages we offer is the Online Package, which is a prepaid solution. For this solution, you have to top-up/add money to the digital wallet. You can find your wallet when logged in the platform on the ‘manage’ page. You can pay using several payment methods like credit card, iDeal or Bank Transfer. We support VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

A minimum top-up of € 15 is required when adding credits to your pre-paid account. You will not be automatically informed of low balance warnings. After you did one successful credit card payment you can select the auto-recharge function. We can then automatically recharge your wallet to your requested amount. We do this when your wallet reaches the minimum amount you’ve specified. By doing so, you make sure you always have enough credit on your account.

Depending on your business and goals, either a post-paid or prepaid account may be preferred.


  1. You will receive an invoice for the messages sent over our Gateway (paying afterwards)
  2. Monthly fee of the subscription package
  3. You are required to choose a message limit and place a security deposit of at least € 500. The deposit allows you to send messages up to the limit of 100,000 SMS messages.
  4. Extra features: dedicated account manager, 24/7 support from our Customer Service Team, real time logging of all your SMS traffic, SMPP connection possible, and more.


  1. Pay online for your SMS bundle in advance (minimum bundle of € 15, valid for 1 year)
  2. No monthly fee
  3. No deposit required
  4. Create an account yourself via the website
  5. Self-supporting platform, only online support

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