Shop and Go Payments.

A mobile self-checkout solution that brings the best of the online checkout experience to physical locations.

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Payments Platform Shop and Go Payments

The Future of Payments

Shop and Go is a unique and smart combination of our platform services.

Combine easy mobile registration, a customer friendly and efficient communication suite, a seamless payment solution and turn your customers into loyal customers with our CDP platform.


shop and go payments

Cash-Less Shopping With Shop and Go

In a fast-paced world, effortless and friction-less payments can make life of shoppers much easier. Our Shop and Go solution makes shopping uncomplicated. 

Customers can use their smartphone to scan and pre-order items and be on their way, payment is done seamlessly. No more busy queues and payments hassle. Paying has never been so easy!

  1. No more waiting in line at the register

  2. Increase conversion by enabling seamless payments

  3. Turn you customers into loyal customers

  4. Less or no investment needed in payment terminals

mobile order phone

Mobile Order - Frictionless Orders and Cashless Payments

Mobile Order makes it possible to order and pay more quickly and easily at festivals, events, in restaurants and other catering establishments. Visitors can select and order food, drinks or other products via the festival app or online ordering page from their own mobile device.

The actual payment is removed from the process of the visitor and only the simple ordering process remains.

  1. Easy ordering and payment process

  2. User-friendly solution

  3. No hardware or payment systems required

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One Platform for Identification, Messaging, Payment and Data

Combine Our Platform Services


Use messaging as a way to improve your sales, customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, support, and customer happiness.


Easy registration mobile flow to enable customers to perform recurring, seamless transactions: for example by using OTP, IBAN verification .


Take advantage of our innovative and secure solutions for Shop and Go payments and guarantee a seamless and user-friendly customer experience.

Customer Data Platform

Marketing and growth possibilities by using the Customer Data Platform. Automate the customer journey, accelerate marketing success and real-time customer engagement.

ah to go

Albert Heijn Exceeds Expectations With High Speed Shopping

Albert Heijn took grocery shopping in a new direction with Tap to go. Consumers want fast. Consumers want convenience. So AH to go started this pilot with cashless shopping - Tap to go - in order to respond to the needs of the customer on the go.

Due to the ease and speed of Tap to go, customers are tempted to come inside more often and thus spend more. In addition, customers will no longer walk past the store without entering because it's too busy. No queues without cash registers; so fast shopping is guaranteed.

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lowlands mobile payment and Lowlands Started Mobile Payments Pilot made mobile ordering and payment at Lowlands possible for festival visitors. Under the name Mobile Order, we'd set up a pilot together with Lowlands that allows festival-goers to place their drink orders at three bars from the Lowlands Festival 2019 app. After entering the order in the festival app, a QR code appeared in the app with which the order cpuld be picked up at the relevant bar. The payment took place after Lowlands in one transaction. Therefore, wallets and physical coins were not needed at the festival.

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Shop and Go Payments for Fast-Growing Businesses

Our Shop and Go Payment Solutions

Seamless Recurring Payments

Offer automated recurring credit card payments for a convenient payment process or collect recurring payments from over 34 European countries via SEPA Direct Debit.

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QR-code Payments With iDEAL QR

With the QRTSING Business app of our Payment API, you can service your customers anytime and anywhere. Your customer scans the QR code with their mobile phone to order and pay on the go. 

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