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Comprehensive Solutions for Two Factor Authentication

Authenticate Your Users

Ensure that all users who attempt to access your system from a new or existing device verify their identity. Prevent suspicious logins, spammers, or bots from accessing your platform.

Secure Account Logins

Protect your accounts from data theft and suspicious users. Reinforce your system’s security at every login attempt and automate the delivery of OTPs via SMS, voice, or push notification.

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Fast and Secure Delivery of OTP's via Sms or Voice

Online security and data protection are key priorities for digital businesses. Two factor authentication is an additional layer of security to overcome the vulnerabilities of standard password access.

One-time Passwords (OTPs) is easy and highly reliable for 2FA. OTPs drastically reduce the risk of fraud by sending users' time-sensitive, unique, and random code/PIN to their mobile device via a SMS or Voice.

  1. Fast and reliable delivery

  2. Send from a local phone number

  3. Close to 100% delivery rate

More about OTPs
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Validate Mobile Phone Numbers for Fraud Protection

Validate a mobile phone number, know the details and improve messaging overall with our phone number validator. With the API implemented, rest assured that your database will be clean and up to date.

Additionally you can optimize your campaigns and better assess whether you can send a message or not.

  1. Perform a static validation of a telephone number

  2. Check if a phone number is valid in real-time

  3. Look up the country code of a phone number

Validate your database

Deliver Trust With Local Identification Solutions

  1. IBAN Verification via a 1-Cent Payment with iDEAL

  2. Identify users via their Online Banking with iDIN

  3. Fast and secure identification with itsme

local identification

Why Choose for Digital Identification?

Certified DISP is the first certified Digital Identity Service Provider (DISP) in The Netherlands.

Complies with EU legislation

All our digital identity solutions meet the European laws and regulations and are GDPR approved.

Fast implementation

Our APIs are known for its simplicity and complete documentation. Moreover, you can always call us!

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