CM Authenticator - Easy-to-use authentication app

CM Authenticator confirms the identity of your user and secures your services by adding an extra factor of authentication.

CM Authenticator

Mobile Two-factor Authentication method via mobile app & SMS. Connect via plugins for Microsoft, WordPress, etc. by API and SDKs for iOS and Android.

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Stay ahead of cybercrime

Moving your business to cloud-based services, makes it vulnerable to the outside world. Authentication with just a username and password is no longer enough for online security. How can your organisation stay safe in the cloud without having to take user unfriendly measures?

CM Authenticator, an easy-to-use authentication app, confirms the identity of your user and secures your cloud-based services by adding an extra factor of authentication via a mobile app or SMS.

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    Instantly approve or deny the authentication request via the CM Authenticator app through an open socket connection.

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    We use the Hybrid principle to guarantee delivery. If there is no app available, we will send the request via SMS.

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    CM offers 24/7/365 support and network monitoring to ensure your Two-factor Authentication solution is always available.

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Download the CM Authenticator app for iOS or Android and experience the online demo environment.

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How does the authentication app work?

When a user tries to login to your environment, the second factor of authentication will be presented on their mobile phone to verify their attempt. The user can approve or deny this request instantly and securely via the CM Authenticator app on their smartphone. 

If there is no app available, an SMS is sent instead. Once the attempt has been approved, the user can safely proceed.

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Manage your online environments via the online dashboard. Get real-time insight in your data with the analytics and reporting tools. One clear view of all your environments. CM Authenticator can be used via the API or via the available plugins such as Microsoft Outlook webmail, Office 365, Wordpress etc.

Available for all users on the CM platform.

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