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With IBAN verification, you are sure that the specified IBAN number is in use and whose name is registered.

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How can you benefit from IBAN verification?

With the use of IBAN verification, your company is able to verify whether the IBAN provided by the customer is in use and under whose name it is registered. This provides you with certainty of the identity of your online customer and avoids errors in billing.

The Know Your Customer (KYC) process on mobile devices is made simpler and faster with the use of IBAN verification.

* Please note that this product is only available for clients with a Dutch bank account.

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    After a succesful payment via iDEAL, you immediately receive the customers' names and IBANs through the API.

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    Trusted brand

    Your customer uses iDEAL for this transaction. Approval is given within the known and trusted online banking environment.

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    User friendly

    With iDEAL as the most used online payment method in the Netherlands, your customer is already familiar with its userflow.

How does IBAN verification work?

Checking customers' IBAN is simple. Let the customer make a € 0.01 transaction via iDEAL to verify the account. Once the payment is completed succesfully, you'll immediately receive the name and IBAN of the used account via our API.

This transaction verifies that the given IBAN is in use and the user actually has access to it.

  1. Integrate IBAN verification on the website

  2. The customer transfers € 0.01 via iDEAL

  3. You immediately receive the name and IBAN verification

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Successful use cases of CM's IBAN verification

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Validate ownership of the account.

During the KYC process you check the beneficiary account. The account must be verified by transferring € 0.01 via iDEAL.

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Easy identification in the KYC process.

Identification of online customers to ensure that monthly plans are linked to the right person. The registrant name and bank account are validated.

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Validate the billing account number.

You can require IBAN verification with high value payments to ensure that the buyer owns the account that's being billed.

Try IBAN Verification

The world is turning to digital by default; more and more products and services are available online. Your customers are now able to access and manage more by themselves. Identifying or recognizing your online customer is therefore becoming increasingly critical.

Test IBAN Verification yourself by integrating the API into your own application.

* The API provides access to dummy data. Contact us to activate the account and receive live data.

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IBAN Verification API

How to get started?

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    Integrate the API and test with dummy da

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    Contact us to activate your account and

What are the costs?

Available for Business and Enterprise

Business (€ 299,- p/month) Enterprise (€ 499,- p/month)
IBAN verification via iDEAL: € 0.20 € 0.14
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IBAN Verification via CM - Key Features

Fast and secure online identification

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Certified DISP

CM is the first certified Digital Identity Service Provider (DISP) in The Netherlands.

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Direct and secure

Reach millions of customers with a Dutch account number directly through the familiar payment with iDEAL.

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Complies with EU legislation

All our digital identity solutions meet the European laws and regulations and are GDPR approved.

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Increase conversion

Due to the higher certainty about the ownership of the IBAN number, new services can be offered online.

Start now with IBAN Verification

CM Identity Services helps companies verify the identity of their users using the latest technologies. In doing so, we keep the process as simple and efficient as possible for you and the end user. Download the installation guide and API documentation for more information.

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