Fast and easy online identification of your customer

Make online identification of your customer easier with itsme

A combination of major Belgian banks and network operators have developed a new identification service: itsme.

itsme provides every Belgian citizen with a unique, secure mobile identity. The itsme app offers everyone with a Belgian eID one online identification method for all digital transactions; from logging in and creating an account to confirming payments online.

By implementing itsme as an identification method, companies can be sure that the identity of the person who wants to register, log in or confirm a transaction has been verified.

CM is the first Identity Service Provider that helps companies implement itsme in their online environment. Contact us for more information.

  1. Increase conversion
    With itsme, consumers can identify themselves quickly and easily. Without card readers, without 100 input fields and without having to physically sign up somewhere.
  2. Online privacy
    Consumers are becoming increasingly critical in sharing information. By offering itsme as a method you give the consumer control. They do not have to hand over unneeded information and know that their data is processed completely safe.
  3. More certainty
    No more typos or missing information. The information that is shared via itsme is 100% trustworthy. Handy for those who are legally obliged to identify their customer.

How does the consumer use itsme?

itsme makes it easy for Belgian residents to identify online.

Those who use itsme for the first time must link the app to a bank card from ING, KBC, BNP Paribas Fortis or Belfius. From that moment on, the itsme app works as two-factor authentication.

If the itsme logo is displayed on a website on smartphone or PC, a consumer can enter their mobile phone number to identify. The app on their phone gives an alert in which they can see which information the site requests. To confirm this request they type their personal five-digit PIN code.

itsme is already being used for

Logging in

Passwords and card readers are a source of irritation. With itsme, customers can easily identify themselves online; just 1 app and 1 code.

Account creation

Registration with itsme makes creating an account on your online environment much easier. In doing so, it immediately increases data quality.

Age verification

Do you sell products that are only available to consumers of a certain age? Use itsme for age verification.

How to get started?

  1. Integrate the API and test using dummy data

  2. Contact us to activate your account