Validate mobile phone numbers for fraud protection

Optimise your contact database, prevent fraud and validate phone numbers in 3 easy steps before you reach out to customers.

Validate your database

Minimize your costs by keeping your database clean

Number Availability Check

Clean up your database and remove invalid or unavailable numbers with Number Validation. With a clean database, you can lower the monthly costs for SMS invoices up to 20%.

Number Format Check

It is inevitable that some numbers are wrongly entered in a database. By using Format Validation, these errors can be removed and replaced by usable and reliable data.

Optimise routing and improve delivery rates in real-time

Are all the mobile numbers in your database existing, in the right format and available? By validating the numbers in your database, you can run more effective campaigns. This means campaigns with better reach, bigger response, lower undelivered rates and high cost effectiveness.

Optimise the routing or use Number Validator tool to clean up a database of mobile and landline numbers to improve the accuracy of your batches.

Number Validation Pricing

For Essentials, Business & Enterprise

Price per query:
1. Number Validation 0.011 EUR
2. Format Validation 0.0020 EUR
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One platform for optimal phone number validation

Validate a mobile phone number, know the details and improve messaging overall with our phone number validator. With the API implemented, rest assured that your database will be clean and up to date.

Additionally you can optimize your campaigns and better assess whether you can send a message or not.

  1. Format lookup - Perform a static validation of a telephone number

  2. Number Lookup - Check if a phone number is valid in real-time

  3. GEO-IP - Look up the country code of a phone number

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Verify users with One Time Passwords via SMS or Voice

Protect the conversation between your users and business and verify new and existing customers.

Use the One Time Password SMS API to integrate a Two Factor Authentication SMS solution within your own application. Or use the voice OTP API to back-up the SMS OTP function with a spoken text-to-voice password when a text message isn’t delivered or if the number is a fixed line. 

  1. >90% delivered within 10 seconds

  2. 20 messages per second throughput

  3. Send securely over HTTPS connection

  4. SHA 256 encrypted

More about our OTP API
one time password sms api

Stop spending money on invalid phone numbers

Keep your database clean and up to date

Reduce unnecessary costs & increase ROI

With Number Validation and the Number Lookup API, you can validate any phone number. It will tell you the formatting options and number type, as well as the most likely carrier.

Know your customers

Generate additional information for phone numbers in your database like formatting options, the actual operator, if the number is roaming and even if the number is active on the network.

Protect users and increase security

Besides database cleaning and message delivery optimisation, you can prevent fraudulent transactions by adding a layer of protection to authenticate new and existing customers.

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