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Reliable mobile solutions for professional events

Businesses and organizations host professional events and gatherings for their employees and relations. Paid and unpaid events. Think of the many quarterly meetings, annual employee parties and frequent business relation meetings. Provide the attendees of your business events with professional registration and ticketing in your intranet or organizational website. Manage your entrance by scanning the attendees tickets with our free scan app.

CM has the mobile solutions for all event organizers to easily set up an event registration page in your own corporate design. You can have your own ticket shop running in just minutes. When you just want to send out entrance tickets to a list of business relations or employees simply upload your list and simply send out event tickets by SMS or email.

  1. Access our platform
    Through our platform, you'll be able to use SMS, Voice and Push for more purposes. Joining CM gives you access to all our mobile solutions.
  2. Registration for free and paid events
    Use event ticketing solutions with or without a online registration page.
  3. Directly reach guests
    Send each recipient a personalised ticket via SMS, Push or Email.

Explore a new world of professional event ticketing

All mobile communication- and payment solutions for event organizers:
Registration Page, Ticket Scan App, SMS, Voice messages, Push, Customer Care and Payment.

How it works

  1. Set up event

  2. Sell or send event tickets

Start event ticketing in 3 minutes

The set-up of a business event can be challenging, so handle event ticketing should be plain and easy. CM offers an intuitive online ticketing tool specially designed for event planners.

It only takes 3 minutes to open your ticket shop, making it possible to start ticketing instantly. Don’t need a ticket shop? It is also possible to just send out personalized entrance tickets per SMS, Push or Email directly to your guests. Depending on your users, combine ticketing with SMS campaigns, Email campaigns, Voice calls or customer contact. All available in one platform.

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Reliable mobile access management

The Ticketshop is designed to be flexible. Build your own Ticketshop with API integration. Easily integrate the API in your own application, corporate website or intranet.

Want to know more about creating a Ticketshop? Contact us now, we are happy to tell you more.

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scan app

Mobile marketing campaigns

The CM platform gives you access to SMS and Email Campaigns to help you send marketing campaigns to any database via a simple process. Access your user profile and set up a campaign in just 10 minutes: upload your phone number or email address database, compose your message and send.

Real-time delivery and analytic stats give you insights on who is interested in your message. You can also export your data for further analysis. Use SMS campaigns and Email campaigns for informing your guest with essential event information. Or send out a text message to inform last year’s guests about upcoming events.

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Mobile marketing campaigns

Ticketshop via API integration

The ticketshop is designed to be flexible. Build your own ticketshop with API integration. Easily integrate the API in your own application, corporate website or intranet.

Want to know more about creating a ticketshop? Contact us now, we are happy to tell you more.

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Online package Everything you need to start event ticketing

  • Own registration page in English, French, German and Dutch
  • Real-time overview of sales and registrations
  • Mobile access control with Scan App
  • Online support
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Essentials package All features from the Online package plus lots more

  • SMS and Email campaigns
  • Voice call campaigns
  • API – build your own ticket shop
  • Guest Manager Account
  • On-site supervision access control
  • Invoice payments for business events
  • Phone support during business hours
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Business package All features from the Essentials package plus access to all products in the CM platform

299 /MONTH
  • Multiple Guest Manager Accounts
  • On-site supervision access control
  • Event mobile landing pages
  • Visitor Customer Care
  • Email and telephone support 24/7/365
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