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What is digital signing?

Simplify signing a document or contract with digital signatures from CM Sign. Many documents are still signed in the traditional way, a time-consuming and costly way of working. Use CM Sign for fast and secure completion of contracts, agreements and documents. Avoid unnecessary printing, long waiting times and scanning of documents.

Get fast and secure access to documents and have them signed in a few steps. Simply upload the documents, sign and send them to co-signers to sign. Do you need a higher level of assurance? Identify the signer at the time of signing with our advanced signing solution.

  1. Reduce costs

    Reduce 50% of the costs by signing documents digital and increase the customer experience.

  2. Notifications & real-time insights

    Receive notifications of the current signing status and use the dashboard for real-time insights where you can see who signed already.

  3. Identify the signer & 100% legally valid

    Obtain an advanced electronic signature with iDIN via CM when a high level of identification assurance is required. Signing digital via CM is 100% legally valid.

How do digital signatures work?

With the CM Sign solution you can upload contracts and documents and send them to co-signers. Recipients can digitally parse and sign these files. If desired, a signer can first be identified before this person can access the file and sign it. This increases the reliability of the signature.

The contracts signed by CM Sign are provided with a timestamp and a digital signing certificate. By using this, the signed PDF document will be provided with an electronic seal to ensure that the document has a valid digital signature. Depending on the risk you can add iDIN to the signature process.

CM Signing solution
Electronic Identification and Trust Services (eIDAS) Regulation

Are digital signatures legal?

Yes, they are. Since 1 July 2016, electronic signatures in the EU are governed by the Electronic Identification and Trust Services (eIDAS) regulation. eIDAS provides a predictable regulatory environment directly applicable to all EU Member States to enable secure and seamless electronic interactions between businesses, citizens and public authorities.

Industry applications

CM Sign is suitable for:

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Digitization moves at a relentless pace and more and more governmental institutions are going fully digital. CM Sign empowers governmental institutions to become digitally mature.

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Banking, Finance and Insurance

CM Sign enables you to comply with all regulations, without compromising the customer experience. Complex documents can be signed easily by both parties to avoid delays and increase accuracy.

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HR, Legal, Real Estate & Consultancy

Many organisations have to comply with legal requirements for documents to be signed by one or more people. With CM Sign recipients can seamlessly complete transactions at any given time.

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Healthcare organisations deal with a lot of paperwork and information must be highly secure and readily accessible. Digital signatures can speed up documentation processes and reduce costs.

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Your customers or candidates are now able to access and manage more by themselves. Identifying or recognizing your online customer is therefore becoming increasingly critical.

Test CM Sign yourself by integrating the API into your own application. By integrating this API, you can test the CM Sign workflow on your website.

* The API provides access to dummy data. Contact us to activate the account and receive live data.

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CM Sign - Key Features

Secure electronic document signing 

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Certified DISP

CM is the first certified Digital Identity Service Provider (DISP) in The Netherlands.

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Direct and secure

CM Sign complies with the strictest standards regarding safety certifications and uses data encryption technology.

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Complies with EU legislation

All our digital identity solutions meet the European laws and regulations and are are governed by the Electronic Identification and Trust Services (eIDAS) regulation. 

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Verified Identity signatures

CM offers the possibility to identify and authenticate the signer at different levels.

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CM Identity Services helps companies verify the identity of their users using the latest technologies. In doing so, we keep the process as simple and efficient as possible for you and the end user. Download the implementation guide for more information.

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