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The benefits

Fast and secure digital signing

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Save time and costs

Reduce costs by signing documents digital and increase the customer experience. Sending and processing contracts is paperless and takes much less time.

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Faster result and turnover

The sooner your contracts are signed, the better your result. Companies that switched to Sign get contracts signed returned 7 days earlier on average.

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Can be used anywhere

No special software or hardware required. Do everything easily via our platform or integrate our API. You can sign on any device, including mobile devices.

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Reduce the risk

Better than with physical contracts, the signatories are identified and the documents are secured.

What is digital signing?

The classic way of signing documents is a time-consuming and costly process. Digital signing solves this problem, because there is no need for a pen, printer or scanner!

Agreements are made faster. This not only reduces costs but also increases sales. Together with a lower risk and higher scalability, this ensures a positive impact. More than 90% of all organisations indicate that time-saving innovations determines their success.

How do digital signatures work?

With the Sign solution you can send PDF documents to co-signers. Recipients can digitally sign these files on their mobile phone, tablet, laptop or any other device. No special app or program is required.

Once signed, the contracts are provided with a time stamp and secured with a certificate. This gives your PDF document a unique, valid digital signature.

CM Signing solution

Are digital signatures legal?

Digital signing is 100% legally valid. This is stipulated in the European eIDAS regulation, which came into force on July 1, 2016.

CM Sign ensures that your documents are signed with advanced electronic signatures. Thanks to eIDAS these are valid through the European Union.

More about eSignatures
Electronic Identification and Trust Services (eIDAS) Regulation

More certainty through identification

How do you know for sure who signed? is the first certified Digital Identity Service Provider in the Netherlands. This allows us to provide opportunities for signatories of your document to identify themselves. This can be done by SMS, iDIN (iDEAL) and itsme (Belgium).

More about identification
cm identity solutions

Industry applications

CM Sign is suitable for:


Digitization moves at a relentless pace and more and more governmental institutions are going fully digital. CM Sign empowers governmental institutions to become digitally mature.

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Banking, Finance and Insurance

CM Sign enables you to comply with all regulations, without compromising the customer experience. Complex documents can be signed easily by both parties to avoid delays and increase accuracy.

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HR, Legal, Real Estate & Consultancy

Many organisations have to comply with legal requirements for documents to be signed by one or more people. With CM Sign recipients can seamlessly complete transactions at any given time.

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Healthcare organisations deal with a lot of paperwork and information must be highly secure and readily accessible. Digital signatures can speed up documentation processes and reduce costs.

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The most competitive and transparent pricing

Starting at € 0.80 per signed document

€ 2 / document € 1 / document € 0,90 / document €0,80 / document
'Online' 'Essentials' 'Business' 'Enterprise'
Prepaid Subscription Subscription Subscription
€ 0 / month € 99 / month € 299 / month € 499 / month
Unlimited number of users Unlimited number of users Unlimited number of users Unlimited number of users
Online support Phone and online support Phone and online support Phone and online support
Web application Web application Web application Web application
API access API access API access
Custom branding Custom branding Custom branding
Identification via SMS OTP, iDIN etc. Identification via SMS OTP, iDIN etc. Identification via SMS OTP, iDIN etc.

Pay only for a fully signed document

CM Sign has a unique price model: a fixed price for a fully signed document. 

  1. Pay only when a document is fully signed, not when you send it.

  2. No signature also means no costs.

  3. Use CM Sign with as many users as you want. Without extra costs.

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Security & Compliance

Ensuring the availability, integrity and confidentiality of our platform is CM’s top priority. More information regarding our processes and ISO-certifications can be found at the Security & Compliance page.

GDPR - we’re in control

All services are hosted on privately owned and operated environments. has full control over all data, including its transport, encryption and accessibility. There are no public cloud services involved in the creation and delivery of our services. 

All documents for signing are stored on our servers physically located in The Netherlands. To comply with GDPR we store as little information as possible. By default we do not store your documents longer than 30 days.

Integrate Sign via our API helps companies with the latest technologies. In addition, we make the process as simple and efficient as possible for the user. That's why we also offer extensive technical support to integrate Sign into existing systems. Download our implementation guide for more information.

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