Enable international online payment solutions

Make paying easier with international online payment solutions

What payment solutions do your international customers prefer to use for online payments? Online sales opportunities are endless, and their success depends on the user friendliness of your purchase flow. By using international online payment solutions, boundaries fade away. Access to products and services grow and you will be able to expand your business globally.

To make use of these opportunities, it's important that your business is fully optimised to reach people all over the world. A big part of the preparation is facilitating and accepting payments worldwide. With CM Payments, you’re ready to take the next step.

  • Worldwide reach
    With CM Payments, you can receive payments from all over the world. This will expand your worldwide reach and improve the customer experience.
  • Over 60 currencies
    Consumers want to pay in a currency they are familiar with. CM Payments enables you to receive payments in more than 60 different currencies.
  • 24/7 Monitoring and support
    You need a payment platform to always be online and functional. Our Network Operations Center offers monitoring and support 24/7.

Our solutions for international payments

You can choose and combine any of our international and global (online) payment solutions to meet and exceed the expectations of your customer. Your payment flow and conversion rate will easily improve by a simple integration of our international and local payment solutions.

You can use our advice tool to create a collection of payment methods. This tool will help you decide which local or international online payment methods you’d like to offer per country. Below, you will find CM’s payment methods that can be used worldwide.

Mastercard is the second biggest credit card supplier in the world. Mastercard operates worldwide.
Visa is the biggest credit card supplier in the world, in both transaction volume and in sales value.
American Express
American Express is a worldwide credit card supplier with a focus on the higher segment.
Maestro is a debit card owned by Mastercard. Maestro payments are guaranteed and can’t be charged back.
PayPal is the biggest online wallet in the world. It’s available in 25 currencies and in 202 countries.
E-wallet Alipay is the most popular online payment method in China with over 520 million active users.

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