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Innovation in payments

Online consumer behaviour is constantly evolving. People are switching between mobile devices and desktop and they expect an omnichannel experience. Online payments are part of this behaviour. That means it is important to stay on top of developments in the payments market.

CM believes in creating solutions that contribute to society. We come up with solutions that are invented to simplify daily life. That is why we participate in the research and development of innovative payment solutions like iDEAL QR and sms payments which are examples of user-friendly payment methods. CM offers the best solution for your organization.

Our solutions


Make it possible for your customers to spread payments at no extra cost. Using AutoCollect, your customers can pay in instalments. A failed payment is automatically followed up by a retry.

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CM developed a unique payment solution which connects your online shop to a payment terminal, allowing online payments and regular payments to be combined. There is no need for a separate checkout system in a physical store.


Dutch customers can pay by simply scanning a QR code. Paying by scanning a QR code is already widely used in China and South Africa. It is now available in The Netherlands too! This method has been developed by CM which means that we possess the knowledge.

Recurring payments

Do you have a lot of recurring orders, subscriptions and/or memberships? With our recurring payments service the payments are being processed quickly.

Mobile payments made easy

Carrier Billing

Using Carrier Billing, you will enable your customers to vote, donate and pay via SMS. CM offers two forms of Carrier Billing: Direct Carrier Billing and Premium SMS.

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