Carrier Billing - Charge the Customer's Phone Bill

With the user-friendly payment method Carrier Billing, your customers can easily vote, donate and pay via their phone bill.

How do you benefit from Carrier Billing?

With the user friendly payment method Carrier Billing, your customers can easily vote, donate and pay via their phone bill. CM offers two ways of Carrier Billing: Direct Carrier Billing and Premium SMS.

With Direct Carrier Billing, your customers can sign up for digital services or subscriptions via their mobile phone bill. Your customer pays in just a few clicks, right from his desktop, tablet or mobile. 

Or choose Premium SMS, an SMS for which the receiver is charged a special rate (Premium MT). Premium SMS is an ideal solution for marketing campaigns, contests, voting and fundraising via mobile donations.

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    Easy to use

    Carrier Billing is available for anybody with a mobile phone and very easy to use for the consumer.

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    Unparalleled reach

    Worldwide, there are more mobile phones than bank accounts or credit cards.

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    The choice is yours offers two ways of Carrier Billing: Payments via Direct Carrier Billing or Premium SMS.

Direct Carrier Billing

Direct Carrier Billing is a one-click payment method. With this, customers can pay for digital services or subscriptions through their phone bill. Via the payment button in the online environment, the user will reach a new page with information about the transaction.

After paying for the products or services, like web or in-app content, the user is granted access. Via the telecom provider, will disburse the payment to you.

direct carrier billing

Premium SMS

It is really quite simple. The end user sends an SMS with a keyword (for example 'DONATE') to a short code such as 3669. He then receives a confirmation SMS for which he pays a small amount (like €1,50) which is billed via his phone bill. Your customer's telecom provider will pay a part of this to CM, after which CM will make a payment to you. Of course, you can use your own short codes and keywords. Premium SMS is available for single purchases and subscriptions.

premium sms

How to get started?

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    Offer Carrier Billing to your customers

How to get started with Carrier Billing?

Did you know that our Help Center has many articles designed to help you optimize our platform services?

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