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How do you benefit from iDEAL QR?

iDEAL is the most widely used online payment method in the Netherlands. Together with CM, iDEAL has now created a new bridge between online and the physical world.

iDEAL QR makes mobile payments even more accessible; your customer scans the iDEAL QR code with the iDEAL App * and gives immediate approval via Mobile Banking.
Place an iDEAL QR code on your invoices or integrate iDEAL QR into your POS system and / or web environment and increase your conversion.

* Mid 2018 also available in all Mobile Banking Apps.

  1. Omnichannel employable
    An iDEAL payment can now also be started on a mobile phone directly from an invoice, media or cash register and can be completed without using a token in the Mobile Banking App.
  2. Easy to use
    Our API for iDEAL QR is implemented in a few clicks. From that moment on, everyone with a Dutch bank account and smartphone can use this payment method.
  3. Avoid payments errors
    iDEAL QR prevents payment errors, as the end user does not need to copy any information from the invoice. This saves both time and money.


An iDEAL QR code can be recognized by the iDEAL logo. A payment can be initiated by scanning the code with the iDEAL App or a Mobile Banking App*. This makes the iDEAL QR code safe and reliable for users.

You can generate iDEAL QR codes by integrating the API or by using the CM Payments App (iOS & Android).

Experience how fast and easy iDEAL QR works. Download the iDEAL App for Android or iOS, scan the iDEAL QR code and make a payment of € 0.01.

* Available in Dutch Mobile Banking Apps mid-2018

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iDEAL QR is available in the Essentials, Business and Enterprise subscription.
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 Essentials (€ 99 PM)Business (€ 299 PM)Enterprise (€ 499 PM)
iDEAL QR:€ 0.25€ 0.20€ 0.14
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Successful applications of iDEAL QR


By printing an iDEAL QR code on your invoices, you will prevent errors arising from consumers copying the payment details.


Various charities use iDEAL QR to collect donations. Think of printing iDEAL QR codes on T-shirts, posters, mailings or collection boxes.


Integrate iDEAL QR into your POS system. Do your customers want to leave a tip? No problem! iDEAL QR can be set so that the user can add tip to the amount.


Ticketflow has used iDEAL QR during the ticket sales of festivals and for the entrance of events. For example, iDEAL QR codes were included in newspaper advertisements and banners.

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