Next-Gen Payment Methods

Get ready for the Future of Payments with innovative technologies such as Digital wallets, Grab and Go and Mobile Order.

Payment Methods for the New Generation of Buyers

Driving the Future of Payments

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Seamless and Secure Mobile Payments

Mobile and digital is the new standard for consumers to make purchases. Thanks to advances in technology, cash and cards are no longer the standard to pay, online or in physical locations.

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Conversational Commerce

Conversational Commerce is the convergence between messaging apps and commerce. Remove any barrier in the path to purchase by allowing consumers to make purchases within the conversation.

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One Platform, Multiple Solutions

Every customer has his or her own preferred payment method, based on various characteristics. Combine Next-Gen Payment methods with other popular payment methods.

Next-Gen Payment for Online shops and Physical locations

The cashless trend is set to continue! Consumers always have their mobile phone on hand and there is an increasing need for easy, secure payments by phone, without card or token. Constant innovation improves and reshapes payments with new opportunities to cater to specific market needs.

The growth of digital wallets

As customer trust in digital wallets grows and the use becomes more and more widespread, webshops should consider including these alternative payment options.

An eWallet or digital wallet is a secure place that contains several currency purses. Your shoppers can fund an eWallet in several different ways and use it online to buy goods or services. 

We currently offer:

  1. PayPal

  2. WeChatPay

  3. AliPay

  4. ApplePay

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Orders on mobile with Mobile Order

With Mobile Order, visitors of events and festivals can order drinks and food via an app. Coins or tokens are no longer needed and the total amount will be debited from the linked account in one go.

Users link their bank account or credit card number in advance to their personal profile within's regulated systems. For the user, there is actually no longer a payment process.

  1. The future of payments at festivals

  2. Full compliance with the current AVG guidelines

  3. Works offline and free for the user

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Grab and Go Solutions

In a fast-paced world, effortless and friction-less payments can make life of shoppers much easier. Our Grab and Go solution makes shopping uncomplicated. 

Customers can use their smartphone to scan and pre-order items and be on their way, payment is done seamlessly. No more busy queues and payments hassle. Paying has never been so easy!

  1. No more waiting in line at the register

  2. Increase conversion by enabling seamless payments

  3. Turn you customers into loyal customers

  4. Less or no investment needed in payment terminals

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