QRTSJING is a cash register for everyone

Receive payments from anywhere with your mobile phone. Let your customer scan the unique QRTSJING code to start the payment.

QRTSJING in 3 easy steps

Get paid directly at any location 

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The customer scans the QRTSJING code that is linked to your company with his mobile phone.

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Fill in the amount on the payment page and select the bank with which the payment will be made.

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You will receive an instant notification via the QRSTJING app or a confirmation by SMS.

Your customer wants QRTSJING

QRTSJING! The old-fashioned sound when you close the cash register. The sign that there is money in the drawer. Cash in! But then completely mobile. Paying with QRTSJING is easier, faster and safer. Not with an expensive mobile banking device, not with clumsy cash but with a QR code and mobile phone with the QRTSJING Business app.

This free app allows you to receive money anytime at any place, directly from your mobile phone.

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iOS (iPhone): Start the camera, scan the code, enter the amount and make the payment via your bank's mobile banking app.

Android: Start your QR-code scanner. Don't you have one? Download the safe QRTSJING scanner here. Scan the code, enter the amount and make the payment via your bank's mobile banking app.

More about QRTSJING
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Benefits of QRTSJING

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Make unique QR codes

In order to allow customers to pay quickly and error-free, we offer the possibility to add an amount and a description. You can create these payment requests in advance or directly.

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Let customers pay directly

With the QRTSING Business app, you can get paid directly anytime, anywhere. Your customer scans the QR code and you immediately see that the payment process has started.

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Real time insight

All successful payments are registered in the overview. In addition, you also get direct insight into who paid and what exactly was paid for.

Why use the QRTSJING Business app?

QRTSJING is the fastest and easiest way to receive and settle mobile payments. Without expensive hardware and without a card, identifier or cash.

Do you have questions about QRTSJING? Feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you!

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