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One of the most important aspects of your payment process are the payment methods you offer your customers. You build your website the way it suits your visitors the best. In that last step towards a paid order you should let your visitor choose a payment method that suits him the most.

Most of the popular webshop payment solutions are country-based and every customer has his or her own preferred method, based on various characteristics. enables you to grow your business by giving your customers the best experience using innovative and meaningful payment solutions.

  1. Worldwide payment methods

    With, you can receive payments from all over the world. This will expand your worldwide reach and improve the customer experience.

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    Personalised look & feel

    Build your payment page in a way that reflects your webshop and the needs of your customer at the moment of proceeding to a payment.

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    In-depth reporting and insight

    Payments are the final step in the buying process of your customers. We provide you with tools to enable you to analyse and improve your checkout experience. offers all webshop related payment methods

Payment solutions to increase conversion

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Worldwide Payment Methods

Accept payments from all over the world with our international payment methods. This will expand your worldwide reach and improve the customer experience.

Global Payments

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Local Payment Methods

You can select payment methods based on the location of your customer. Offer payment methods consumers are familiar with. This will increase the conversion rate.

Local Payments

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QR Payments

Customers can easily pay online with QR codes. Scanning can be done with a mobile phone or tablet and payments are automatically forwarded to the online environment of the bank. 

QR Payments

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Direct Debit

With recurring payments, you can easily accept payments for any type of subscription and reduce cancellations and withdraws. 

Recurring Payments

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Mobile Wallets

The step from conversation to conversion is made by adding innovative payment solutions like AliPay and ApplePay to the conversation

Mobile Wallets

Conversion optimisation

We designed a special payment menu which is extremely user friendly and ensures that the payment process is not interrupted prematurely.

One Page Checkout is a secure and easy to implement payment page solution. When requirements go a step further and you do not want to make use of a hosted payment page, you may consider working with our Webdirect solution so your customers remain within the environment of the webshop.

  1. Language is automatically set

  2. Responsive payment page in your own look and feel

  3. Add payment profiles to increase conversion

one page check out

Analyse your payments

Make use of our Merchant Portal with clear dashboard and reporting possibilities.

We’ve created an e-commerce portal to support your organisation the best we can. Here you will find all your payment information including, but not limited to, the usage of payment methods, payout reports, order information and payment menu settings.

Read our manual for more information.

  1. User management: information from all accounts from your company

  2. Order insights: search for orders by predefined characteristics

  3. Reports: standardized reports to make things easy for you

payment insights

Transparent pricing for all businesses

From startups to multinationals

From € 9,95 p/m
Transaction fee € 0,14
Fraud management module € 0,03
iDEAL / iDEAL QR € 0,16
MasterCard / Visa 1,85%
Bancontact / Bancontact QR € 0,60
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Connect to our payment gateway through our API

Use the API to integrate online payments into your webshop or app. Our Payment/Order API communicates solely over HTTPS. Our API allows to communicate structured and reliable information between systems and is independent of any particular programming model.

Our current API allows customers to make use of all payment methods and functionalities.

Download our API docs

Fast and easy integrations with plugins

Easily integrate our payment solutions into your platform with one of our packages or plug-ins. 

We offer a wide range of e-commerce plugins to simplify the integration process and enable you to quickly start accepting payments and growing your business.

Find yours here
payment plugins

Security, privacy & compliancy

Data security is of utmost importance and we aim to preserve confidentiality, integrity and availability. This means that your data only should be accessed by those with the rights to view it, the data can be relied upon to be accurate and processed correctly and data can be accessed when needed.

Certification & licensing

Treasury services to increase conversion and minimise risks

Worldwide reach with one integration

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Refunds and partial refunds

We make it possible for customers to execute refunds. Refunding is an important feature for your business as it enables you to improve your service towards your customers.

Acceptance and settlement currencies

​We offer a wide range of acceptance currencies. This enables you to accept payments from all over the world. In addition we can settle in 8 different currencies.

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Fraud module

Aspects like the design of your payment page and the choice of payment methods can help to minimize risk. Through the fraud module we offer additional checks before and after the transaction.

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