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Messaging - Price of 1 OTP

US US$0.0086 US$0.0081 US$0.0077
DZ US$0.0723 US$0.0687 US$0.0650
AR US$0.0677 US$0.0643 US$0.0609
AU US$0.0608 US$0.0577 US$0.0547
AT US$0.0937 US$0.0890 US$0.0844
BH US$0.0204 US$0.0194 US$0.0184
BE US$0.1020 US$0.0969 US$0.0918
BA US$0.0838 US$0.0796 US$0.0754
BR US$0.0608 US$0.0577 US$0.0547
BG US$0.1010 US$0.0959 US$0.0909
CA US$0.0086 US$0.0081 US$0.0077
CL US$0.0608 US$0.0578 US$0.0548
CN US$0.0460 US$0.0437 US$0.0414
CO US$0.0609 US$0.0579 US$0.0548
HR US$0.0488 US$0.0464 US$0.0439
CY US$0.0742 US$0.0705 US$0.0668
CZ US$0.0652 US$0.0619 US$0.0586
DK US$0.0221 US$0.0210 US$0.0199
EG US$0.0617 US$0.0587 US$0.0556
SV US$0.0397 US$0.0377 US$0.0357
EE US$0.0840 US$0.0798 US$0.0756
FI US$0.0826 US$0.0785 US$0.0744
FR US$0.0776 US$0.0737 US$0.0698
DE US$0.0887 US$0.0842 US$0.0798
GR US$0.0508 US$0.0482 US$0.0457
HK US$0.0508 US$0.0482 US$0.0457
HU US$0.0816 US$0.0775 US$0.0734
IS US$0.0262 US$0.0248 US$0.0235
IN US$0.0110 US$0.0105 US$0.0099
ID US$0.0291 US$0.0276 US$0.0262
IR US$0.0429 US$0.0407 US$0.0386
IE US$0.0707 US$0.0672 US$0.0636
IT US$0.0806 US$0.0766 US$0.0726
JP US$0.0806 US$0.0766 US$0.0726
JO US$0.0346 US$0.0328 US$0.0311
KE US$0.0749 US$0.0712 US$0.0674
LT US$0.0301 US$0.0286 US$0.0271
MY US$0.0377 US$0.0359 US$0.0340
MT US$0.0309 US$0.0294 US$0.0278
MX US$0.0409 US$0.0388 US$0.0368
MA US$0.0786 US$0.0747 US$0.0708
NL US$0.0997 US$0.0948 US$0.0898
NZ US$0.1198 US$0.1138 US$0.1078
NG US$0.0164 US$0.0156 US$0.0148
NO US$0.0598 US$0.0568 US$0.0538
OM US$0.0675 US$0.0641 US$0.0608
PK US$0.0233 US$0.0221 US$0.0209
PE US$0.0399 US$0.0379 US$0.0359
PH US$0.0349 US$0.0332 US$0.0314
PL US$0.0356 US$0.0338 US$0.0320
PT US$0.0485 US$0.0461 US$0.0436
RO US$0.0666 US$0.0633 US$0.0599
RU US$0.0324 US$0.0307 US$0.0291
SA US$0.0289 US$0.0275 US$0.0260
RS US$0.0332 US$0.0315 US$0.0299
SG US$0.0385 US$0.0365 US$0.0346
SK US$0.0841 US$0.0799 US$0.0757
SI US$0.0453 US$0.0431 US$0.0408
ZA US$0.0229 US$0.0218 US$0.0206
KR US$0.0506 US$0.0481 US$0.0456
ES US$0.0806 US$0.0766 US$0.0726
SE US$0.0558 US$0.0530 US$0.0502
CH US$0.0634 US$0.0602 US$0.0571
TW US$0.0501 US$0.0476 US$0.0451
TR US$0.0248 US$0.0235 US$0.0223
UG US$0.0547 US$0.0519 US$0.0492
UA US$0.0806 US$0.0766 US$0.0726
AE US$0.0291 US$0.0277 US$0.0262
GB US$0.0632 US$0.0600 US$0.0569
UY US$0.0698 US$0.0663 US$0.0628
VE US$0.0465 US$0.0442 US$0.0419
Monthly price

€ 85

€ 225

€ 425