Intelligent and rich interactive voice experiences

Interactive voice: more than just making calls

You want to reach customers by phone or want them to call you? The way you implement voice as a communication channel has great impact on your business efficiency. As well as on the success rate of your calls. 

Our voice solutions enable you to automate repetitive call flows. Build advanced inbound and outbound interactive voice response (IVR) applications. Or send out personalised voice marketing campaigns using our API's. You can choose to build your applications yourself. Or you can rely on CM’s decades of in-house experience to build tailor-made voice applications for you.

  1. Customer experience

    Enhance the customer experience through a streamlined inbound call flow.

  2. Untapped possibilities

    Explore the possibilities of voice as an additional outbound communication channel

  3. Cost efficient

    Save time and costs by automating and optimizing all your voice traffic.

Interactive voice API

Build your own interactive voice experiences.

Imagine a digital toolbox filled with building blocks. These blocks enable you to easily code your own interactive call flows. That is what the CM Voice API offers. Including features as Text-2-Speech, Outbound & Inbound calls and DTMF, your creativity is the limit of what you can build. All this without requiring investments in expensive telephony systems or in depth voice knowledge.

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Voice Messages

Send Text-2-Speech and pre-recorded voice calls.

Voice is a powerful channel to convey a message to customers. Whether used for appointment reminders, one-time-passwords, surveys or marketing campaigns. CM enables you to send these out through Voice. Use Text-2-speech as an addition to SMS and Push, or send pre-recorded voice messages to add a personal, high-impact touch to your marketing campaigns.

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