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Inbound numbers for customer contact

Making sure you can call your customers is one thing. Enabling customers to call you might be even more important for your business. CM provides inbound numbers. No matter if you have a high capacity help desk or are running premium services. Even if you just require your company to be reachable via a local number. We deliver global direct dial-in (DDI), Toll-Free and Premium numbers and port your existing numbers to the CM platform.

  1. Worldwide coverage
    Coverage of local direct dial-in (DDI) numbers, local and abroad.
  2. Scalable platform
    We offer scalable concurrent call capacity, even for large-scale Premium Number campaigns.
  3. Cost effective
    Select inbound numbers at transparent cost and competitive rates.

Direct dial-in (DDI) inbound numbers

Are you doing business internationally? Customers abroad are less likely to call a local number outside their own country. Calling abroad is often more expensive. Also, a local number doesn’t give your company the international allure it should have. Therefore, CM provides you with local numbers in almost any country around the world, local and abroad. Our rates are transparent and the capacity is scalable. Do you already have DDI numbers hosted at another provider? We can easily port them to the CM platform so you can combine all services in our platform and reduce also your outbound costs.

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Toll-Free inbound numbers

Do you have a help desk, service number or technical support your customers can call? These are services you typically want to offer for free. To enable such a free service, CM offers Toll-Free numbers in numerous countries around the world. With inbound numbers, you'll lower the barrier for customers to reach you, since all callers can call from a local land line for free.

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