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Fully control your SIP Trunk with CM’s Voice Management app.
Define thresholds, configure numbers, monitor traffic & more!

Voice Management

Use the Voice Management app to setup, configure and manage your SIP trunks. The app puts you in charge over your trunks and provides detailed insights into your company's telephony usage.

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Scalability, quality and cost savings under one roof

  1. Premium call quality through our global geo-redundant platform

  2. Scale up whenever you want using a convenient cloud interface

  3. Realtime insight in call costs, trunk capacity and fraud control

SIP Trunking

Who can benefit from calling via CM?

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Contact centers

The SIP Trunk of CM is ideal for processing large volumes of phone traffic, for both inbound and outbound calls.

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Connect your phone system with CM's SIP Trunk and make calls at the lowest cost. Our connection is of premium quality.

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Connect your telephone system with the powerful CM SIP Trunk and send all your inbound and outbound traffic via CM. Save up to 35% on the fixed and variable costs.

Insights in telephone usage

  1. Realtime insight in telephony statistics

  2. All users of CM’s voice services

  3. Dashboard with clear insights in your company’s telephony usage

  4. Statistics such as number of calls, avg. duration, cost & quality

Voice Analytics

Your benefits with a SIP Trunk by

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True scalability

Easily scale your Concurrent Channels and Call Setups per Second. CM is able to handle both your inbound as well as outbound capacity.

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Fraud control

Insights into detailed information about each call for anti-fraud purposes, such as timestamp, destination, surcharges and more.

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Cost savings

Access to Call Detail Records for insights in your calls. Essential for billing and cost control.

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API integration

Access to comprehensive set of APIs that enable you to build voice applications from scratch.

Voice API

How others benefit from CM as a SIP Trunk provider

The quality of CM's SIP Trunk is excellent. The switch to CM's Voice platform was also easily and quickly implemented."

Sander Kole, Technology Director at

"Pluscloud recently joined What we noticed were the short and fast communication lines. Together with the efficient dashboard and the simplicity of the concept, offers us a SIP solution that is much more efficient and economical than the solutions of the competition."

Martijn Snels, Founder of Pluscloud

"Not only the price is important. CM is also specialist if it comes to clever routing of calls using only the best telecom providers. Next to a good price, the quality is of the routes is very high."

Kees-Jan Mars, Managing Director at GDCC

Setup your SIP trunk in minutes

You can setup and configure your SIP trunk using our Voice Management app. Sign up for a CM account and install the app.

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Inbound telephony easily controlled

The ability to call your customers is important, but being able to receive calls is perhaps even more important. CM provides you with correct telephone numbers. Do you already have your numbers? We easily transfer them to our platform.

  1. We offer DDI numbers in 80+ countries

  2. From one number to thousands at the same time, we are salable

  3. Our prices are transparent and competitive

More about DDI numbers
ddi numbers

Realtime insights in telephony statistics

All users of CM's voice services receive free access to an extensive voice analytics dashboard. This dashboard provides a clear insight in your company's telephony usage.

Statistics such as the number of calls, average duration, cost and quality per telephone call can be shown per adjustable time frame.

Analytics not enough? You can download detailed call data via our app, API or directly from a sFTP server.

Voice management dashboard

CM's SIP Trunking rates

Prices per minute, billing per second

Country Starting at
United Kingdom € 0,0040
Netherlands € 0,0075
Belgium € 0,0165
Germany € 0,0164
France € 0,0059

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