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Customer care via messaging apps to let your customers contact you through their favourite messenger apps. Seamless dashboard with Facebook Messenger, Twitter and more.

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Why combine all messaging apps for customer contact?

With CM's Business Messaging API, your customers can now contact you through their favourite messenger app like Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Telegram or WhatsApp. communicate one-on-one, target, analyse and offer the best customer contact.

Use our API or user-friendly dashboard to provide personal and seamless customer contact via messaging apps. 

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customer contact omnichannel dashboard

Customer contact via messaging apps: how does it work?

Customers reach out to you via many different platforms. This requires an omnichannel approach. Now, you can communicate with customers on all messaging apps via one dashboard.

  • 1-on-1 conversations, shielded and secured
  • Assign customers to individuals
  • Quick replies, chatbots and out-of-office notifications
  • Seamlessly transfer chats to other departments
  • Integrate customer profiles in your own CRM

Business Messaging API

Choose the messaging platforms your customers use. Easily integrate new channels in your existing messaging services to build your omnichannel strategy.

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Omnichannel messaging apps via api

Connect with your customers via WhatsApp

Using our business messaging API, you will have access to all the messaging channels. WhatsApp included. We deliver your message via the channel your customer prefers.

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