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Use Twitter as a stage for your products and services. Spread your message, promote your business and grow your audience.

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Discover what Twitter can do for your business

People worldwide use Twitter to keep an eye on trending events, news and to reach out to companies. It is a direct connection to your customers around the globe. Connect through CM and be sure to reach them on their preferred channel and get your conversations started.

Benefits of Twitter for Business

A broad audience

Twitter handles over 500 million tweets per day. Get in touch with your audience and start a conversation.

Improved customer service

Twitter is a channel supporting two way communication with your customers. Good customer service is for the world to see.

Continuous feedback loop

Twitter can be used to get feedback from your customers and improve your products and services.

How Twitter can help your business

Twitter is all about what's happening in the world right now. Your customers will be talking about you, so why not talk with them. Discover what matters to your customers and have meaningful conversations with them.

·  Improve communication

·  Monitor competitors

·  Promote your brand

Twitter provides the opportunity to be in direct contact with other Twitter users through public and private messages. This makes Twitter a great place to handle customer feedback publicly and show the quality of your service.

Get in touch with potential new customers and brand ambassadors and add Twitter to your multi-channel strategy.

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Twitter as part of your Omni-channel strategy

Does your company have an omni-channel strategy? You can incorporate multiple channels through one API. Have a look at our Business Messaging API and see how easily we can connect you to one or a selection of channels.

Be where your customer are and offer a seamless customer experience over the most used messaging apps today. Create fallback scenario's so your message is always delivered. Start creating your selection today.

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How to get started?

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