Intuitive Address Book for SMS messages

Address Book

Import up to 1.000.000 contacts into our intuitive contact management tool to manage your personalised messaging campaigns via SMS or Email.

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Contact management for targeted reach at high speed

The address book is a simple and intuitive contact management tool to manage your database for sending targeted messaging campaigns to your customers. Allowing you to import up to a million contacts via Excel or CSV, the address book makes database management easy as can be. 

Once your database is uploaded, you can create and send a campaign in just 5 minutes. Make segmentations based on campaign clicks to retarget non-converted contacts. Update your database and delete the numbers that have opted-out for continuous optimisation.

  1. Fast and reliable

    Upload and target 100.000 contacts per minute from our ISO 27001 certified reliable platform with 99% uptime with 24/7 support.

  2. Personalisation with dynamic fields

    Add tags to your address book to send personalised campaigns from your detailed CRM.

  3. Segmentation and opt-outs

    Retarget customers that have not yet converted by creating segments based on interaction.

How does contact management work?

Upload your CSV or Excel file with up to 1 million contacts or 30 MB. Each field is mapped by our system so you can use dynamic fields (merge tags) in all our SMS tools. Once a campaign has been sent, you can do a segmentation based on those who have received or have not received your message, clicked not clicked on your call to action.

How much does it cost?

The address book is included in our SMS solutions. Whenever sending SMS batches, you can use all added features and will only be charged the standard SMS subscription pricing.

Address Book

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