Migration to CM.com

Welcome to CM.com

Your GlobalMessaging account will be migrated to CM.com during October.

This page will guide you on getting the most out of your new CM.com account.

Be ready for the migration by reading the Introduction Guide (pdf version)

Introduction Guide

Migration essentials

Main points you need to know

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Phonebooks, pricing and credits

We will transfer all phonebooks and opt-outs to CM's Address Book.

Your old price plan will remain and your messaging credits will be converted into a monetary balance.

Top-up credits
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Account credentials

Your username will be your registered email address your password will remain the same. All your Accounts will be migrated to CM. If you have Child Accounts, see Parent & Child Acc. changes.

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Reports relating to messaging activity prior to the migration will not be transferred to CM. If you require this, please email [email protected]

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If you have an API connection this will need to be replaced with a new one. An extended time period will be allowed for this. Let us know if you want to continue using an API

Contact us
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If you're using Email2SMS and wish to continue to there are some changes to be aware of including the ability to receive replies. Let us know if you want to continue using Email2SMS

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How to send messages

Follow these three simple steps to start engaging with your audience via CM.com.

Specify your audience

For more information about the Address Book, see our help center articles:

Address Book Icon

Personalise your message

In the help center you can find more videos on how to:

Send an SMS

See what happened

You can find more explanation videos in the help center:

SMS Analytics

Why CM?

Better, but different

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More products

CM offers many solutions. Be sure to check-out CM.com for all products such as voice, email and push solutions

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ISO certified

Quality Management (ISO 9001), Environmental Management (ISO 14001), Information Technology Service Management (ISO / IEC 20000-1) & Information Security Management (ISO / IEC 27001).

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Faster servers

CM can process 150 SMS/s per account. Compared to 15 SMS/s for GlobalMessaging over all account

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Dedicated account manager

The genius team is on stand-by to be at your service. Contact them via the chat button in the bottom right or via [email protected]

Contact Genius

Select Your Country

Selecting a country will show relevant information for that region and may change the language.