Messaging Log to peek into your traffic

Messaging Log provides you with detailed information on status, content and cost of all your sent and received messages.

Messaging log

By adding Messaging log to your arsenal of applications you allow yourself to be in control of your traffic. Check delivery, pricing and more.

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Messaging log for detailed insights into your traffic

The Messaging Log is a simple and intuitive analysis tool to look into your current and past traffic. This allows you to check why some messages might be failing and what the total price is of all your messages in a certain time frame.

Once you’ve made yourself familiar with the application you might find yourself figuring out ways to tweak your messages to improve delivery rates and lower costs.

The app is available for all customers and is pre-installed in your platform account. Messaging Log can be found under ‘My Apps’ in the platform.

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    Price insights

    Check the pricing for your messages within a certain time frame and check the costs per single message.

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    Data filtering

    Filter messages on delivery status, content, conversion, sender and/or recipient.

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    Create a list of phone numbers to send a message to, for example for re-marketing purposes.

How much does it cost?

The Messaging log is included in our SMS solutions. Whenever sending SMS batches, you can use all added features and will only be charged the standard SMS subscription pricing.

How does Messaging Log work?

Messaging log allows you to have real time insights on your traffic. When landing on the messaging log you will see your most recent traffic. If you want to know more you can expand the time frame, if you want to focus on certain traffic you can add filters.

Simply go the the Messaging log app and set your time frame and filter. With the remaining messages you can set multiple actions such as exporting the data or send a message.

messaging log

How to get started with Messaging Log

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