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Our secure and ISO 27001 certified SMS Gateway API uses direct operator connections to deliver SMS worldwide in less than 10 seconds.

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Reach 98% of your customers worldwide, within 10 seconds

Many companies still think of email as their preferred medium of communication. But there's a channel that people seem to have forgotten about. SMS still achieves the highest reach, with an open rate of 98%. This means you can instantly reach almost all of your customers. SMS remains the fastest way to get your message across.

You can use our API for:

  • SMS Alerts
  • Multipart SMS
  • Batch messages
  • Multi-channel messaging
  • Bulk SMS
  • And many other things

How you can benefit from CM solutions

Worldwide delivery under 10 seconds

Our pro-active monitoring guarantees fastest delivery of time critical messages in high volumes. Delivery rate and speed are constantly measured by live test results.

Direct mobile operator connections

Our platform is connected to 2000 operator networks in 200 countries. This means that you can benefit from high quality routes at the best price.

Secure and reliable, 24/7/365 Support

With high uptime and a redundant setup, you can rely on our highly secure and ISO 27001 certified platform with 24/7/365 support from our Network Operations Centre.

Realtime analytics, Detailed insights

Our powerful Analytics tool gives you a real-time and detailed overview of your worldwide traffic so you can track, trace and optimize flows.

How to start using the SMS API?

The HTTPS XML SMS API documentation of this SMS Gateway is easy to integrate in your own application. There are several example codes available for the following programming languages: PHP, CURL, JAVASCRIPT and C#.

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You can also find the SMS Gateway API for developers as a plugin for

How others improved their business using our SMS Gateway API


Delivery notifications

Popchef delivers fresh and healthy dishes, prepared daily. They strive for speed, simplicity and quality. Using CM's SMS Gateway API, they're able to update customers on the status of their orders. By being able to quickly and safely send as many messages as necessary, CM’s platform allows Popchef to ensure their quality of service and reliability of delivery.

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Appointment reminders

The Medisch Centrum Haaglanden (MCH) wanted to reduce their amount of no-shows and the severe costs that are caused by people missing their appointments (more than 2 million euros). To reduce the amount of no-shows, MCH uses our SMS Gateway API to send reminders to the patients a day before the appointment. This reduced the percentage of no-shows within a few months from 4.5% to less than 3%.

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Loyalty programmes

EFR manages many petrol stations and recently switched loyalty programmes from Rocks to Stars. The company wanted to get existing customers to migrate and to attract as many new users as possible. Through CM’s SMS platform, customers received a shortcode with which they could download the Texaco Stars app. The campaign has ended but people still use the shortcode to become a member.

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Ensuring the quality, safety and speed of our SMS delivery

Detailed insights with CM Analytics

Messaging Analytics offers aggregated and detailed insights into SMS communications and real-time trends, so you can directly optimise your mobile strategy. It provides views into the status and performance of your electronic communications.

  • Instantly recognize possible bottlenecks in SMS traffic
  • Easily gain insight into trends, delivery rates and speed
  • Free for every CM client
  • Save time, eliminate unnecessary processes and simplify procedures and automatization
Messaging Analytics

Testing the quality with Texter

Direct operator connections alone are not enough. You also need messaging routes that have been thoroughly tested on quality and speed. We have developed our own testing product called Texter, which we constantly use to ensure the safety, quality and speed of your SMS delivery.

  • Testing SMS routes worldwide
  • Ensure the safest and highest quality texting routes

SMS Gateway API pricing

One fixed price per SMS, without start-up costs or subscription fees.

Prices per SMS sent to:
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