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Keep Users Engaged With Your App

Through relevant, personalized, and timely push notifications.

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Improve User Retention With Mobile Marketing Cloud

Attracting new app users is already hard enough, but retaining active users is often even more challenging. Keeping people engaged with your app is key to its long-term success. Discover how Mobile Marketing Cloud can help your business by contacting our Sales team via our contact form.

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By Analyzing and Segmenting Your Audience

Analyze customer likes, dislikes, and more as they move through your funnel. Use this information to identify and fix weak spots to help lower churn. Based on their behavior and attributes, you can group users into segments, like champions, price sensitive, churn risk, and more. 

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Through Personalized Communication on the Right Channel

Surprise your users with a great brand experience through spot-on personalized communication. Map user journeys and create automated omnichannel engagement with push notifications, email, SMS, WhatsApp, RCS, Viber, and Voice. 

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Why Mobile Marketing Cloud

8+ Channels

Always reach your customers on their favorite channel

More Than Just Marketing also offers service software, chatbots, AI, and more

Engage the Right Audience

Segment your audience and send personalized communication

Rich Content

Create rich experiences with media and buttons

Want to See What Mobile Marketing Cloud Can Do for You?

Reach out to our Sales team and discover what Mobile Marketing Cloud can bring your business, or watch the demo video.

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