Online customer onboarding is all about personalisation

Shopping Tomorrow

People are concerned about their online privacy, but this is not apparent from their online behavior. This is the conclusion of the Shopping Tomorrow 'Digital Identity' experts. The expert group investigated the possibilities of a fully digital registration and onboarding process for both B2C and B2B customers.

What's in the whitepaper?

  • Be flexible in querying data from your customer
  • The privacy paradox
  • Use cases from the industry
  • Tips and tricks for your organisation

What is Shopping Tomorrow?

Every year the Shopping Tomorrow program identifies new trends and developments in consumer behavior, technology and market developments. In addition, they formulate and solve a current issue to help ‘Business The Netherlands'. The result is a combined Bluepaper (book) of all research results.

Part of the research program was the expert group Digital Identity, which was hosted by Thea van Oosterhout, Strategic Business Developer at CM.

digital identity ebook

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