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Digital Signing for HR and Recruitment

Offer your potential employees the best signing experience right from the start. Save valuable time, material and costs.

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Solutions for HR and Recruitment


The Ideal Candidate-Experience

In the war-for-talent candidates should encounter as few obstacles as possible. That’s why you should make the signature process as simple as you can. 


Faster Hiring Process for Candidates

The average time to complete the signing of contracts decreased from 12 days to 9 hours. Candidates can get to work faster and you’ll have clarity sooner. 


Send Multiple Documents at Once

In addition to the employment contract, enclose some other documents that need to be signed too, like a lease agreement or a payroll tax form.


Eco-friendly and 100% Legally Binding

You can be sure that digital signing with Sign is 100% legally binding. Besides that, you reduce your ecological footprint. 


Twelve Days Down to Nine Hours

Many other documents are suitable for digital signing besides employment contracts such as car lease agreements, loan contracts for laptops, payroll tax reduction forms or training agreements. The benefits are obvious, for instance time-savings. Practice has shown that digital signing saves 10 minutes per document.

Even more important is the lead time for signing a contact. The average of 12 days has been reduced to less than 9 hours. In many sectors, time is of the essence. Moreover, it reduces the chance of talent changing their mind before signing. 

Completely Paperless

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    Send your documents via Sign

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    The invitee will receive an email or SMS

  3. desktop

    Invitees can use any device to sign

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    You’ll receive the signed documents

Whitepaper: Innovative, Green & efficient HR Processes

Whitepaper digital signing and HR

Improve your HR-processes

Retaining the most talented individuals depends on keeping sustainability and innovation front-and-center of your strategy.

In this whitepaper, we discuss the importance of these themes and how digital signing can positively impact them.

What Our Customers Say’s solution is ticking all our boxes with great feedback from end-users in the context of a trial organized during the RFP. We are 100% satisfied with Sign and have established a great relationship with the vendor. has great support, and it’s efficient and customer-oriented.

PageGroup’s Sign makes it all quite a bit faster. And at the same time, we’re contributing to the reduction of paper usage. As soon as a contract has been signed and sent, an audit report that shows all steps will be added, which makes it a legally valid.


Sign plays an important role in deploying applicants. We use Sign with our recruitment and deployment software. We find Sign very flexible and it’s tremendously easy and intuitive.


We are using Sign to have our contracts signed and processed more quickly than before. We deliberately switched from another service to Sign. Thanks to, the process of signing documents is faster and costs are lower.

Edwin Schaap - Director, Payper

The traditional way of printing, signing and sending a contract is not an easy task if you don’t own a printer, and many people don’t. The signing process with Sign is quick and accurate. Digital signing takes less than 2 minutes and that includes sending the documents.


Digitaal ondertekenen

Only with Sign

Digital Signing is Easier Than You Think.

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    Only pay for documents that have all the required signatures. 

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    Signing contracts is 70% quicker.

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    Pay per document, not per signature.

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