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Digital Signing: Rental and Lease Agreements

Offer your clients the best experience in digital signing with Sign. Save valuable time, office supplies, and costs.

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Rental and Lease Solutions

Excellent Renting Experience

Improve your client’s renting experience when renting appliances, houses, cars, etc. by making the signing process as easy as possible. Signing is no longer a barrier.

Sign Contracts More Quickly Than Before

The average time needed to sign a contract can be reduced from 12 days to 9 hours. This will give clarity within hours and gives you the opportunity to finalize the agreement more quickly.

Send Multiple Documents at Once

Send (apart from the rental agreement) additional documents that need to be signed, such as general terms and conditions or other documents.

Eco-Friendly and 100% Legally Valid

When you use Sign, your digitally signed documents are 100% legally binding and in addition, you reduce your negative ecological footprint.

These Companies Are Using Sign

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Twelve Days Reduced to Nine Hours

Apart from rental agreements, various other documents are suited for digital signing, such as lease agreements and appliance loan agreements. The benefits of Sign are obvious. It is, for instance, time-saving. The practice has shown that the signing process is saving up to 10 minutes per document compared to the ‘old-fashioned' way of signing.

Even more important is the lead time for signing an agreement. The average time needed to sign a contract can be reduced from 12 days to less than 9 hours. In many sectors, speed is of the essence. Speed also reduces the chance that the clients change their minds. 

Paperless Signing

  1. Send your documents via Sign
  2. Invitees will receive a request to sign
  3. You can sign using any device
  4. Receive all signed documents

What Our Customers Say

Digital signing

Only with Sign

Digital signing is easier than you think.'s Sign offers multiple benefits for all kinds of companies to offer the best (digital) signing experience.

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    Only pay for documents that have been completely signed.

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    Signing contracts is 70% quicker than before.

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    Pay per document, not per signature.

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